ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder in 02 Peach Bellini - review and swatches


I reviewed this product ages ago, when I was still learning about makeup and what I did and didn't like. I gave it a good review back then (in large part because I love the colour) but I'm now editing that review because I've come to realise that this isn't a good formula in terms of quality and plenty of better stuff exists on the market. The wisdom of experience!

Anyhoo. These blushes showed up in our November 2013 Violet Boxes. I received the shade Amaretto Sunset, and I added it to a friend's Christmas present without trying it first because I had a couple of blushes in similar shades at the time.

Happily I managed to pick up this peach colour recently via the FB Swap Group, and was very excited to try it because I'm a coral/orange/peach junkie : )

The product comes in a practical little compact with a mirror hidden underneath the blush. The packaging is functional although it does feel and look rather cheap.

ModelCo claims/product details:
  • Creates a bright, healthy glow
  • Highlights your natural features
  • Sheer, natural, lightweight appearance
  • Oil-controlled powder
  • Contains mircronised colour pigments
  • Lasts all day
  • Suits all skin types
  • RRP $18 for 8g
  • Shelf-life: 24 months

See above wrist swatch. The colour doesn't show up as well on your wrist, but fares better on your face (see pics below). 

You'll notice that ModelCo is right about the 'sheer/natural' thing - it's not a super pigmented blush (though it's buildable) and I'm ok with that because it's not obvious you're wearing anything unless you go at it with a heavy hand. This means it's easier to control the amount you use: with some pigmented blushes, I find it can be harder to apply the right amount of product each time.

I really do love the colour, but the quality of the formula itself is terrible. More on that below.

Unfortunately the sparkles are visible and the blush emphasises texture on the face (like large pores) - foo. You can click on any image to enlarge it.


Beautiful colour, crap product. It's such a hard, grainy and powdery blush, and I'm not sure that I've ever tried anything this bad in terms of quality. It doesn't look horrendous on the face and it applies ok, but I wouldn't wear it if I were going somewhere important because it does emphasise pores and I don't love the visible gold sparkle.

I have however been on the hunt for a blush that's the same shade as this one, since it's a perfect for my colouring and I have nothing else like it. Do let me know if you have a potential dupe: I'd love to find one so I can turf this one. The more I use it, the more grainy it looks. These days there are even pock-marks on the surface because the blush hasn't worn away evenly. I'm telling you, it doesn't look great!

Have you tried any ModelCo blushes? Let me know what you think if so.

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