A Happy a Day: Happy Skincare's Pig in Mud Mineral Mask - review


My last Happy post! I decided to spread my last few posts out - rather than sticking to doing one each day - in case anyone was sick of seeing my stuff posted on the Happy Facebook page (!). But it was time to knock off the final one. I'll add to this bundle of posts in future if I decide to buy more Happy products, which I suspect I will (can't help myself ; )).

The last product I'm reviewing is the Happy Skincare Pig in Mud Mineral Mask. I've used this a number of times before (having gone through five or six sachets that I've picked up in subscription boxes or in the great value sample pack), and this full size product I was lucky enough to win in a Lust Have It competition, along with a few other best-selling Happy products. Yay!

Happy claims/product details:
  • Blend of mineral-rich dry clays; a powerful (but non-drying) skin detox that will also tone, revitalise, remove blackheads, reduce pores, smooth rough skin, reduce signs of ageing and help your skin recover from breakouts
  • Works on normal, oily, combination, dry, mature, sensitive and acne-prone skin to help restore your complexion (two varieties of mask available for different skin types)
  • Includes Australian clays and the world revered Moroccan lava clay 
  • Contains a bunch of skin essential minerals including silica, magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium
  • Strong enough to budge pesky blackheads and gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • After just one use your skin will have a new glow and feel amazingly soft
  • RRP $24.75 for 40g (note: every full-size mask comes with a bonus mask brush valued at $13.20)
  • 100% natural, vegan
  • Australian owned and made
  • Not tested on animals
  • Available here

As Happy notes on its website, this is a dry powder so you can mix it to the consistency you like (thick or thin, the choice is yours). This also means that you get 100% mask, making it better quality and value than premixed masks and leaving your wallet smiling. 


My journey with this product has been an interesting one. On the first couple of uses I really loved it and felt it had a decent effect: so many masks don't do much except make your skin feel a bit nicer after use, and while this isn't the best mask I've tried, it's better than most. 

After a while, however, I got sick of mixing it and tended not to use it because I couldn't be bothered. I also found it to be super messy, and it wound up all over the bathroom sink, my clothes, hands and wrists etc - it is indeed messier than most masks and the colour is strong.

I returned to using it again later when I had more time on my hands, but I'm definitely glad that the prize pack I won includes the mixing bowl and brush - this should help with the mess problem and make the whole process easier. But face masks are something that most people use only when they have time, and even the added steps of adding water and then mixing it before you've put it on your face (and then the extra washing involved to clean yourself and the sink - possibly wipe a few drips from the floor and even the walls, if you're as unco as me), can make you reach for another product instead if you tend to be lazy or time-poor.

If you're interested in reading others' reviews of the product, see here. There's a lot of positive feedback, so it looks like most people aren't as lazy and/or unco as I am (which is hardly surprising).

So in sum: this is a great product that lives up to its claims - you'll definitely notice a nice after-effect from the mask and your skin will feel cleaner - and if you're happy enough to mix it yourself (particularly because that fact means you're getting a better-value product anyway), then this is definitely worth a try.

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