A Happy a Day: Happy Skincare's Organic Tamanu Oil


Day three of my Happy Skincare posts! 

Over the past two days I've also reviewed the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm and the Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic. Hopefully these posts are useful for anyone who's been thinking of buying some Happy products, but doesn't know where to start (on that, I'd recommend starting with the four step sample pack, which comes with free shipping).

This is a wonderful oil and one that I sadly finished today - boo. I'll have to keep an eye out for specials in case I decide to re-stock.

Happy claims/product details:
  • Nature’s first aid kit for aggravated and scarred skin
  • Packed full of antioxidants, complex polyphenols, coumarins and calophyllic acid
  • Natural anti-inflammatory, moisturising and healing properties
  • Soothing oil that gently conditions sensitive skin, leaving it looking healthy and clear
  • Helps relieve redness, flakiness and dryness 
  • Reduces the appearance of scars and stretchmarks
  • Deeply penetrative for optimal repairing, hydrating and regeneration effect; may enhance the skin’s natural ability to repair and rejuvenate
  • RRP $24.75 for 30ml; $59.40 for 100ml
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan
  • Australian owned and made
  • Not tested on animals
  • Available here


This is my favourite of Happy's oils. It definitely lives up to its claims: it's lovely and thick and moisturising - and it just feels and smells good for you (it smells exactly like walnuts I reckon). 

Prior to using this, Happy's Black Seed Oil was my favourite, but this one knocked it off top position. Mind you, the Black Seed Oil costs only $22 for 100ml, so this costs almost three times as much - something to keep in mind.

While I do love this one to bits, I'm probably unlikely to buy it again unless it's on special or comes as part of a promotion: while it's a sensational oil, the Black Seed Oil is good enough in itself that I'd prefer to go for the cheaper option. Having said this, the 30ml Tamanu Oil bottle I bought did last for ages, so it's a great investment.

What I noticed most about this was its soothing effect, and its ability to relieve redness and deal with those dry patches that appeared during winter. My skin's definitely looking better after going through this bottle, and I've been using it not only on my face (where the dry patches were), but also on my belly as it's started to grow during my pregnancy, in an attempt to stave off stretchmarks etc.


To see the reviews of other customers who've used the Organic Tamanu Oil, see here.

Do you have a favourite Happy oil?

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