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The puppy was justifiably excited too...

Look what just showed up. As usual I'll do an initial review and then update it once I've used things and can comment properly.

Anyhoo, let's have a look!

Next month's sneak peek - looks like a lip product.

I have to say, this month they had me at 'dry shampoo' - the first product I noticed. I ran out of mine a few months back but didn't want to buy another - they can be expensive and I don't know which brands work best for my hair because I haven't tried enough. But I didn't want to buy one because I figured that surely, surely, one of my subscription boxes would arrive with one soon enough. Happily the gamble paid off : )

Looks like a good mix of products - hair, makeup and nails. Excellent.

Scandalous Fabulously Flirty Dry Shampoo (RRP $16.95 for 150ml; received full size)

YAY. You either received this or a wave spray, and I'm so glad I received this. A corn starch formula, it's designed to soak up excess oil, giving a 'just washed' look and feel. It also apparently cleanses the scalp, leaving three-day-old hair looking fresh and shiny. Just what I need. Today, in fact.

A great addition with summer on the way. Can't wait to try it. This one has (almost) made up the cost of the box for me.

UPDATE: Watch out for the powder storm! It took me a few tries not to over-spray myself and wind up in a coughy sneezy cloud in the bathroom. But once I'd sorted out my trigger finger issues, this one went down a treat.

My husband likes the smell (weirdo), it does what it's meant to do, and leaves my hair looking and feeling shinier after use. The only thing I'll say is that dry shampoo usually only gives me one extra day between washes - but that's the same with all brands I've tried and isn't particular to this product. Ticks from me.

Folténe Nail Treatment (RRP $29.95 for 10ml; received full size)

More than happy to try this one - it aims to repair dry, brittle and dull nails that easily break, for stronger and longer nails. Can be used over nail polish (bonus!).

Last month we received the lash/brow treatment from this brand, which I'm using currently (haven't noticed a change yet, but I'm still hopeful) and I could definitely use a nail treatment too. While my nails are generally ok, the index and thumbs of both hands do tend tend to crack a bit - probably because I use those the most.

A good, interesting inclusion - and one that most of us aren't likely to have on-hand. Nice one VB : )

UPDATE: I've been using this since we received it and haven't noticed any change in my nails. Maybe I need to use it for longer. In any event, since falling pregnant my nails have become a lot nicer. Either something to do with the bodily changes that occur during pregnancy or because I've been less active with the stock-standard exhaustion (or both!).

Girlactik Eyeshadow (RRP $23 for 2.5g; received full size)

I have to say, I'm not sure about this one. Last month we received the Be a Bombshell quad in questionable colours (almost everyone wanted the warmer colour options, and not the cool palette we all received), and this month the colour options don't look great either: there's this blue and what looks like a pale pink - I'd really really have preferred the pale pink since I have nothing like it. I can't tell you how many blue eyeshadows I've received in subscription boxes. Too many to count. And I don't wear any of them.

Hoh well. It looks like a decent product and I'd be happy to try it in almost any other shade. But then, that's the luck of the draw, yes?

UPDATE: Well, I couldn't swap this product (no one wanted the blue!), so I've included it in a birthday gift to a cousin of mine who has the most amazing pale skin and gorgeous bright red hair, and I reckon the colour will suit her. I've happily managed to pick up this eyeshadow in Flame via the FB Violet Box Swap group:

I like it, and it's definitely my colour! It's nicely pigmented and applies and blends well. It also wears well, and I used it yesterday as both an eyeshadow and a blush (heavier on the eyes and lighter on the cheeks). It's a nice alternative to your usual dull brown bronzer. I'll do a full review of this product soon : )

Polished London Nail Enamel (RRP $8 for 10ml; received full size)

Another item for the FB VB Swap group! I'm sure many would be over-mooned by this colour, but I'm not. Pink and I really aren't friends and, again, I've received a lot of polishes in this kind of shade range. 

According to the product card, this is a fast-setting formula that's also chip-resistant. I'd have to check my past reviews to confirm that, but I do remember being happy with the product.

UPDATE: I ended up swapping this colour in the Facebook Swap groups, but if you'd like to see my earlier review of these nail enamels in different colours, see my post here. In short, while these aren't the best nail polishes I've used, they're better than many and they don't start chipping off two seconds after they've dried.

Starlooks Ultra Olive Gem Pencil (RRP $21.50; received full size)

I'll be interested to see how others feel about this inclusion. We received a Starlooks Gem Pencil from VB not so long ago, and I'm not sure how many lasses would want another glitter eye pencil from the same brand, albeit that this is quite a different colour (the last lot were generally paler, pastel metallics).

I'm happy enough to receive it because I really liked the other one, even though I rarely use it - it's not an everyday kind of pencil. I wonder if others will agree.

According to the description, these are soft and creamy and can be used as liners as well as eye bases. They're also highly pigmented, extra long wear and have a micro-glitter finish.

Sounds good. I'm also happy with an olive colour (without having swatched it yet), so yay to that.

UPDATE: I'll likely do a stand-alone review of this product at a later date, but for now here's a swatch and a general comment on the colour: I like it, but it's a bit paler than expected and therefore doesn't add much in terms of definition to your eyes.

Having said this, I do like it and I'm glad to have received a second one in a different colour. These pencils are nice and creamy, and they're pretty and apply well.

In sum

Another great month from Violet Box! Five full size products does maketh a lass happy ; ) In terms of value, this box clocks in at almost $100 worth of stuff for a $22.95 outlay - waaahhhoooo!

Looking forward to trying everything - particularly if I can swap the eyeshadow and nail polish colours I received.

I've said it before but I'll say it again, Violet Box is - in my humble opinion - without question the best beauty subscription box on the Australian market. It rarely disappoints.

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