Too Faced Glitter Glue Primer - review


I opened this glitter glue at the beginning of the year and I've been using once or twice a week since then so it's high time I reviewed it.

I bought it because I'd heard that it's great to keep shimmers on the lid if you have hooded eyes like myself, and while I do think it works, it's not perfect so don't expect miracles from it. More on that below.

Too Faced claims/product details:

  • An eyeshadow primer specifically designed to lock down glitter shadows on lids
  • Keep eyes looking glamorous for longer  
  • Works to smooth lids for shadow application
  • Helps adhere glitter, shimmer or metallic shadow to lids and bright out their reflective quality
  • RRP $29 AUD for 11g

This product comes in an 11g tube and it has a 12-month shelf-life. I really wish this was available in a smaller size because 11g is far too much product for any eye primer, let alone a glitter glue. It takes me one year of daily use to finish 6g of eye primer, so I'm never going to get through this much glitter glue before it dries up - and I suspect that, like me, most people wouldn't wear it every day.

I like the look of the packaging and I also like the directed nozzle (see below) that really helps you control how much product you're dispensing. I wish all eye primers were designed like this: I prefer it to a wand or applicator.


This product does work but I wouldn't expect it to magically solve all your hooded-eye problems (which is what I personally had hoped) and there's only so much it can do for you.

It's an ivory-coloured product and it dispenses like a cream but it does feel very much like a glue in texture (it's very sticky). It applies and spreads well enough, but I would work with small amounts because it dries quickly and you'll need a very thin, very even layer - otherwise it will clump and your eyeshadow will look awful over it.

I've learned to only apply this to my eyelids (not my upper eye area) because matte shadows just don't want to blend over it, so I'm better off putting this on the lids, patting on my shimmer shadows, and then using a standard eye primer before the rest of my eye look. Otherwise nothing will blend and I'll have to remove everything.

Others with hooded eyes will know how difficult it is to get an eye look that stays looking decent for any amount of time. My hoods touch my lids so of course there's a lot of rubbing that happens throughout the day and therefore a lot of transfer. There can be a lot of fall-out, too.

I was hoping this product would be the solution, and while it can help, do note that it only hangs on to the bottom layer of shimmer. So if I've built my eyeshadow to a certain intensity, the top layers will still transfer onto my hoods because there's only so much product that this glitter glue can hold - and it's not a significant amount since I never wear strong eye looks anyway.

For this reason I've discovered that this product works best with really pigmented shimmers that I only need to apply in a very thin layer. In that situation, this will hang on to the single layer. With most shimmers, though, I need to apply a little bit more - and it's then that I've found the shimmers will transfer anyway.

Still, it does make most shimmers last longer and transfer less than they usually would, and I can prevent some transfer by running a clean brush over the shimmer after I've applied it (this helps remove the looser top layer so it doesn't happen throughout the day).

Overall I think this is a decent product and it does help glitter and shimmer adhere to the lid, but if you have hooded eyes like I do, don't expect miracles. I've also heard people with normal eyes say that the longevity isn't great so glitter will start to fall off after a few hours. I haven't experienced this, but I don't wear a lot of glitter so maybe that's why.

Worth trying: it helps but it's not perfect.

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