Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Rosewater Mask - review


I received this face mask via Priceline's rewards program, and I've been using it for two months now so I'm ready to review it.

Note that I recently put in on my Project Pan list, which I did because I knew it wasn't doing much for me and I wanted to get through it - and once that's done, I'll finally be able to buy myself another face mask or two because I'll have reduced my mask collection significantly (gosh that took a while).

Andalou claims/product details:

  • This revitalising mask, with alpine rose stem cells, delivers essential hydration and dermal vitality to soothe and nourish sensitive skin 
  • Pomegranate uplifts tone
  • Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera help revive skin's moisture barrier for a flawless-looking complexion
  • For delicate and dry skin
  • To use: apply evenly to clean, dry or damp skin; leave for 10-20 minutes; rinse with cool water
  • RRP $22.99 AUD for 50g, but do shop around

There's what it looks like:


This isn't a bad product but it doesn't do much for me so I'm looking forward to getting through it. Life's too short to spend time on face masks that don't do enough, so I'll be aiming to pan this as quickly as possible.

It's a pale pink mask that feels like a gel but holds its shape like a balm. It applies and spreads well, and it smells very faintly of roses but the scent isn't strong so it shouldn't bother most people.

I've been using mine at least twice a week for the past couple of months and it honestly hasn't done anything for me. I use it in the evenings (after I've taken off my makeup and before my shower) and I find that my skin always feels dry while it's on because this mask doesn't do anything for hydration.

What I've also found is that my skin stings a little while I'm wearing it, and I'm not sure if that's because I've just washed my face and then whacked something on that isn't nourishing, or whether the mask itself is causing slight irritation (this stinging isn't that good kind of tingling that tells you something's working: it's that slight burning that feels like irritation).

I should note, though, that none of my other masks make my skin feel like that and I apply them at the same time of day, so it's more likely that something in this product isn't agreeing with me.

After use there's no real difference in my skin, although I do feel the need to use my face oil - I guess I need the moisture, after my skin has felt uncomfortable for twenty minutes. Perhaps there's a slight brightening effect, although my face always looks brighter and fresher after I've washed it so I can't say that this mask is causing that effect itself.

Overall I don't hate this product but I don't like it either so I can't recommend it. I think from now on I'll be using it as a carrier product for one of my two powder masks, in the hope that mixing it with something else will give me better results.

Not for me.

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