Soak Skin Detox Hand & Body Wash - review


My husband brought these back from a hotel he was staying in on business earlier in the year, and before you ask me why the hell I'm reviewing hotel samples (you're right: I normally wouldn't), it's because Soak was showing up in some Australian subscription boxes for a while there and you can also buy Soak products easily online.

If they're going into subscription boxes then they're worth reviewing because people might want to know what they're like if they receive them, plus it's always helpful to review brands that don't have many reviews online - as this one doesn't.

So expect to see a few Soak reviews coming up because I'm testing the soap and also the shampoo/conditioner too, and I'll certainly be happy to get through all those samples because they've been sitting there in a pile in my cupboard for over six months now.

Let's have a look.

Soak claims/product details:

  • Formulated with parsley stem, a remarkable superfood that's rich in nutrients including vitamin a, vitamin c and manganese
  • Parsley’s detoxifying super nutrients cleanse and purify to restore equilibrium to the skin
  • A balancing tonic, gently cleansing to leave skin feeling refreshed yet supple
  • Parsley helps collagen production, and its other qualities can help regulate oil production, cleanse pores and soothe tired eyes
  • Use daily to protect your skin from everyday pollutants and stresses
  • RRP $24.95 AUD for 500ml, but do shop around


I'm going to keep this review reasonably short because I've been up all night (someone nearby was playing music) and we've got a dog safety talk that we're giving at my daughter's kindergarten in a few hours, so I need to get my head together for that. In any event, there's not much to say about a body wash and I don't need to go into too much detail.

It's a clear green gel with a green scent that's soft and refreshing. It's not a strong scent so it shouldn't bother most people, although I must say that I tend to prefer body products that smell a little stronger because it adds to the experience of using them. Maybe that's just me.

The product does work into a creamy lather but it doesn't foam like crazy and I'm not surprised to see that it doesn't contain SLS. Indeed, it's a gentle kind of product that doesn't strip the skin but instead cleans it softly so it should suit those with sensitive skin.

On that, I tested the product's pH this morning and it's coming in at somewhere between a five and a six, so it's not too alkaline and it definitely doesn't feel as though it strips the skin. This is a plus because too many body gels are too astringent for me and they have a tendency to dry out my skin. This one doesn't.

After use my skin feels soft, clean and supple (so those claims are true), and while the product hasn't done anything miraculous for me, I do enjoy using it and it suits my skin type.

Overall I think this is a good product and while I wouldn't go out and buy it unless it showed up in my local chemist or supermarket (so I could buy it on special), I think it's nice and my skin is enjoying how gentle it is.


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