Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate - review


I bought this a while ago when Priceline had one of its 40% off sales, and I've been using it since then: first as my overnight eye cream and, for the last month or so, as my daily eye cream.

While I think it's an ok product, I certainly wouldn't rely on it for hydration: it doesn't have enough punch (at least for my dry skin), so my eyes have felt on the dry side while I've been using it in the day/night spot. More on that below.

Trilogy claims/product details:

  • A silky smooth serum that instantly cools, tones and brightens the delicate eye area
  • Helps diminish dark circles and puffiness, with its gentle roll-on massage applicator
  • Packed with antioxidant-rich botanical extracts specifically chosen for their lightening, brightening and tightening benefits
  • The ideal addition to your anti-ageing routine
  • An eye concentrate that works to brighten, lift and refresh tired eyes
  • Contains Glycablend, a combination of pomegranate, blueberry, strawberry and chia seed oils that works to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the skin’s overall texture
  • Co-enzyme Q10 aids skin regeneration, caffeine decreases puffiness, jojoba esters smooth periocular fine lines and horse chestnut reduces the appearance of dark circles
  • The product features a massaging rollerball designed to boost micro-circulation
  • RRP $36.95 AUD for 7.5ml, but do shop around

Worth noting now is that I don't like the design of this product at all, and indeed at least half the reviews I've read have said the same thing.

That is, very little product comes out of the rollerball so I'm left shaking and shaking it, in an attempt to get the damn fluid out. It's bloody annoying. I don't have time for all that, especially in the morning, and it's reason enough for me to avoid buying the product again. Blurgh.


This product is ok but it's not nourishing enough for my dry skin and I also hate the delivery system, so I wouldn't buy it again for that reason alone.

It's a a yellow-coloured fluid that's like a serum in texture and it has a fresh, green scent. It comes with a metal rollerball applicator, and while yes that feels cooling and soothing on the eye, it doesn't deliver enough product on its own so I'm left shaking the tube and reapplying the product over and again in order to cover my whole eye area. I'm not the first person to have complained about this, and I certainly won't be the last.

As noted above, I first used this product as an overnight treatment before shifting it to the day/night spot so I could test it enough to review it, and all up I've been using it for close to three months.

I much prefer it for the overnight spot, I must say - not only because I have the time then to dispense enough before I go to bed, but also because it's not nourishing enough for my dry eyes and I'm aware of a slight discomfort in my eye area during the day especially. I need more hydration than this product delivers, and in many ways I'd be better off using it as a serum before a richer eye cream. Not that I have the time for the extra step. Who does.

In terms of effect, this definitely has a brightening and firming effect so if that's all you're after in an eye cream, then I would look into this and test it. If you can deal with the damn rollerball, that is.

As for claims: yes it cools, tones and brightens the eye area; no it doesn't help my dark circles or my puffiness; yes it lifts and refreshes the eyes; and no it doesn't help with fine lines, wrinkles or texture.

Overall I don't think this is a bad product and I'll keep using it, but it's not the right eye cream for me because it's not nourishing enough and it's a bugger to use. Still, it's refreshing and it has a brightening, firming effect, so all is not lost.

Too much hassle.

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