Marc Jacobs Multi-Finish Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette in Fantascene - review and swatches


As you may know, I'm currently denting this product and I wanted to review it today while it's front-of-mind because I'll be winding up this round of Project Dent very soon, so best I post on this now while I remember.

Long story short, I really like it and it's in line with my other Marc Jacobs septets - a good thing to note because it's limited edition, so at least we know that the brand can do a limited edition palette in the same way that it does its permanent line. 

Marc Jacobs claims/product details:

  • A long-wearing eyeshadow palette that features seven shades - including four fashion finishes: velvet, satin, silk and lamé - to layer and dress your eyes
  • Empower your inner eye stylist with these ultra-luxe eyeshadow palettes 
  • Beyond his fashion design, Marc Jacobs is also known as 'the ultimate stylist' for making last-minute adjustments to perfect every look right before it walks down the runway
  • Each curated palette includes a covetable mix of chic neutral, wearable shades, and provocative pops in a new super-plush shadow formulation to cover lids in lasting, velvety-rich pigment
  • Available in six different colourways; choose the wardrobe that speaks to you, then layer it on to make the ultimate impression
  • RRP $66 AUD for 7 x 0.08g

I really like the white packaging of these limited edition products: I don't have much in white and I think they look very clean and pretty.

When I saw this particular septet, it wasn't only the packaging that caught my eye (of course ; )) - it was also the colours inside it. There's a lot of peach in this one, and since I'm a peach junkie and didn't have these colours in my collection, I had to buy it.

There it is below:

All seven shades, direct sunlight:

The left side, direct sunlight:

And the right side, direct sunlight (noting that the first shade is repeated):

Now for swatches.

Direct sunlight:

Flesh is a matte cream with strong peach undertones. It's very smooth, soft and silky in texture, and it applies and blends well. Note I'm not sure how useful this shade is because it looks too peach to be used to set my eye primer or lighten the darkness on the inner corners of my eyes (beside my nose) - which is normally what I would use a shade like this for - and it's also too pale to use as eg a lid or transition shade. Still, it's a good-quality shadow and I use it to set just my lids and crease before going in with the other colours.

Covets is a soft matte taupe that has a beautiful smooth and silky texture (the same texture as Flesh). This shadow has been my saviour over the denting period because I've been able to use it for a one-shadow look when I've wanted a super neutral eye. I use it every time I reach for this palette because it works through the crease, to add some soft definition to the outer-v and also to pull back the warmth of the other shadows (it looks more grey when applied). I love working with this shadow - I use it a lot - although note that the pigment isn't huge so it takes a bit of building.

Fantasy is a muted, medium coral with peachy pink undertones and a matte finish. This has stronger pigment than Covets and it applies and blends well. The texture is soft, smooth and silky, and it looks great on the lid for a soft everyday look. I use this shade a lot too, especially paired with Covets, and I like that it has a summer/spring feel without looking too bright. It's just a great shadow.

She Said is a sparkling coral with pinky peach undertones and a shimmering, almost metallic finish. It has that duochrome look on the eye - it flashes more peach in the light - although it's a very subtle duochrome so it's not super eye-catching. The texture is soft and smooth, but it's a touch drier than most of the shadows in this palette, and I experience glitter fall-out with this when I use it (even with a primer or glitter glue). Note also that the pigment isn't strong so it mightn't suit everyone, although I personally prefer softer eye looks so I'm happy with it. Still, I don't use this shadow much because it's less natural on the eye: it's probably my least-used shadow in the palette.

Meet Ya is a sparkling copper with strong orange undertones and a metallic finish. What I love about this shadow is that it's the only metallic I've come across so far that doesn't emphasise texture on my eyelids. It's soft and smooth, if a little dry and crumbly, and it applies and blends well. I love the colour of this shade but I hate the fall-out: there's a lot of it (even with an eye primer or glitter glue, and even when applied with a finger) so I would recommend doing your eyes first when using this shadow because it can bugger up a whole look if you do your eyes last.

For More in a medium-dark, matte brown with warm red undertones (and it can look almost plum in some lights). This is the perfect dark shade for me: it's not too dark and it's not too pigmented, which means that it doesn't look too strong on the eye so I can use it in daily looks for soft definition in the crease and outer v. Nevertheless, it still has the capacity to be built for more impact. It's unusual for me to use darker shadows as much as I use this one, but it applies and blends well and it's versatile so I use it all the time.

On the Dance Floor is a shimmery coral that's more satin in finish; it has orange undertones and it's the brightest shadow in this palette, although I wouldn't quite call it a bright. The texture is smooth and silky but it's a little drier and harder than some of the other shades, and the pigment is good but not too much. It applies and blends well, and it makes a beautiful lid shade for summer because it has some brightness to it but it's not so bright that it completely overtakes a look. It's a happy colour, and I enjoy using it.

In sum

I love this palette and I've really enjoyed denting it for the last fortnight. Like the other Marc Jacobs septets I own, it's surprisingly wearable and I can absolutely use it for daytime, although I still find Provocouture to be slightly more everyday appropriate so I tend to use that more often.

Mind you, this is the palette I usually reach for when the sun's out, so it gets a work-out and I'm glad I have it in my collection.

Overall I definitely recommend this palette, and while these aren't cheap eyeshadows, they're excellent and I always think that the amount you pay should at least in part boil down to how much you're going to use and love something. I use and love this a lot.


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