Pan that Palette 2018: the final count


Well, I'm finished with another year of Pan that Palette and I'm back now to tally up what I've panned during the challenge.

This will be a relatively short post, since what I'm mainly looking at is the individual pan count and also the items I've moved out of my collection.

If we're talking about whole items, I've panned:

  • One five-pan Hourglass palette (including one finishing powder, two blushes, one bronzer and one highlighter)
  • One three-pan Hourglass blush palette (including three blushes)
  • One eyeshadow quad

Plus a bunch of stuff from my custom palette.

Let's talk individual pans now. 

In 2018, via Pan that Palette alone, I've panned:

  • Five blushes
  • Two highlighters
  • Twenty-six eyeshadows
  • One bronzer

That's a total of thirty-four pans. Not bad! Do note, though, that quite a few of these items were showing decent progress when I started working on them.

Now unfortunately I completely forgot to set goals for myself this year, so I can't compare my final list to my initial goals because I don't have any. Oops! Annoying. Silly me. Thankfully I've already written down my goals for 2019, so at least that job's done.

That's all from me. It's nice to write a short post for a change, I must say.

Oh! If you'd like to see my photos-only post for Pan that Palette 2018, that's here. And my finale post for this year's challenge is here if you'd like to see that.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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