Five good things: March 2017


Well we're nearing the end of the month, which means I need to start thinking panning projects, empties, favourites and monthly positives.

First up is monthly positives, and I must admit that I'm struggling to swing my head around to seeing the bright side this morning: it's been another long night of feeding my son and I'm feeling somewhat dusty.

But let's see how we go.

I can't wait for the month-end Pan that Palette updates

This will probably sound ridiculous to the uninitiated, but every time the end of the month ticks around, I always look forward to binge-watching everyone's Pan that Palette updates and indeed I'm looking forward to it now. I love seeing what progress people have made and getting ideas on how best to use up my own shadows.

Also, it's been a pretty good month for me where the challenge in concerned and I'm looking forward to bringing you my own progress! What's extra exciting about seeing all that bare metal in my palette is that, once I've cleared out enough pans, I'll be able to bring in more shadows to keep things interesting - which in turn means that I'll be able to de-pot some new ones to fill in the gaps. This means a smaller collection and it may also eventually make room for another purchase. It's a domino effect of the best kind!

We're nearing that magic six-month line

In two weeks time, my son will be six months old. This will mean two things: first, that we'll hopefully be through the six-month sleep regression (which I'm convinced we're going through now); and second, that he'll be old enough that we can leave him to grizzle and re-settle himself at night.

I don't like the term 'controlled crying' because it sounds pretty bizarre to me (and surely it's an oxymoron of sorts), but the idea is that, once your kid is six months old, you've already established how responsive you are and so they'll know they haven't been 'abandoned' if you leave them to grizzle a bit without rushing to their aid at the drop of a hat. 

In practice this means that I won't need to get up quite so quickly every time he cries at night, which is a plus because I do think that he'll often fall back to sleep on his own. In turn this should mean that we all get a little more shut-eye, which we definitely need. Wish us luck!

I can't wait for my quarterly makeup inventory post

This will be boring to some but it's been on my mind enough so it definitely warrants a place in this post. As you may know, over the last six months I've started doing makeup inventories, which has really opened my eyes to just how much stuff I have and also what 'problem areas' I need to address.

Although my last inventory was a mere three months ago, I already know that we'll be seeing some movement and I can't wait to see just how many things I've managed to finish in that time. Even better, I've got so many products that are nearing the empty stage, that I know the next inventory post (June) will be even better.

And here the dominoes fall again: since I have a 'two out, one in' rule for most of my makeup categories, I'm pretty sure that I'll be allowed a purchase or two very soon. Yay!

My black eye is gone

You mightn't have heard me mention this one so I'll give a bit of background: three weeks ago, I walked into a wall-corner upstairs during one of my nightly clusterfeeding sessions with my son. It's so easy to do when it's the wee hours and you're that sleep-deprived, and indeed it's the second time I've done it - it's just that the first time wasn't quite so bad and I only ended up with a small bruise on my cheek.

On this hit, I smashed my entire left side into the corner (I ricocheted and everything) so my left shoulder, upper arm, wrist and hand were out of action for a few days, plus I split open my left brow (blood everywhere) and wound up with what was easily the worst black eye I've ever seen in real life.

It wasn't the kind of black eye you could conceal, so I've been walking around with it for three weeks now and although I'm not the kind of person who cares what people think (life's too short), I felt really uncomfortable about this. It looked like an injury that someone else had caused, and that made me really self-conscious. A bit angry too. Thank god it's gone. 

We're fighting back

Over the last month or so, I've noticed a new trend on Facebook. People are starting to forgo the 'what Donald Trump's doing next' and other negative posts about world events, and instead are opting to share uplifting articles and videos about the goodness that still exists in our world. 

I've re-posted a couple myself: one being a gorgeous clip about how a bunch of kids in Canada stopped playing basketball on their feet and started doing it sitting on trolleys so they could include a disabled boy in a wheelchair in their game; and the other being about how an entire town learned sign language so they could speak with a deaf neighbour.

While 'awareness raising' posts about the troubles in countries like Venezuela and North Korea do have their place, I think it's just as important to remind people that humanity still exists and there's hope for us yet. I personally am sick of bad news and I think the positive posts are a welcome change.

In sum

That's all from me! I hope you're having a lovely Sunday and that you can easily find your own positives for the month.

Speak soon x

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