Rituals Hammam Body Mud - review


Hullo all! You may remember that I bought this Rituals body kit last year, and since then I've been slowly opening and reviewing each product.

Next up is the Rituals Hammam Body Mud, which I've almost finished now so it's definitely time to review it.

Please note that I've just gone to check Rituals' Australian website and it's apparently closed, which worries me because I'll eventually want to buy more stuff. Fingers crossed that they're just updating the website, and this isn't a sign that they've decided to close Australian operations. I really hope not!

Above are the four products that came in the kit. I've already reviewed the shower foam (see here) and the hot scrub (see here), so there's just this product and the shower paste left to go.

Once I've reviewed the final two products, I'll do a round-up post on the kit as a whole so you know how it went overall.

Rituals claims/product details:
  • Purifying body scrub containing rhassoul clay
  • A micro-scrub with natural exfoliating grains 
  • Leaves skin looking fresh and supple
  • The combination of mineral-rich rhassoul clay and refreshing eucalyptus has a revitalising effect
  • Helps remove dead skin cells
  • Can also be used as an excellent deep-cleansing mask: massage onto dry skin; leave for five minutes; rinse off with warm water 
  • Use once or twice a week for healthy, soft skin
  • RRP $22 AUD for 150ml


This is a lovely product and I've really enjoyed using it. Indeed, I'll be cutting the tube open tonight because I've only got one application left to go and after that I'll miss having it on hand.

It's a greyish mud that's more like a gel in texture because it's not super thick, and it contains little grains that offer a good polish without being too abrasive (unlike the hot scrub from this set, which I found too scratchy).

While it's a little too rough for use on the face and neck, I'm happy for my body scrub to be a touch harsher than my facial exfoliants and this one treads the right balance between being 'scrubby' enough to be effective, without being so rough that it leaves my skin feeling raw.

It has the refreshing eucalyptus scent that I've come to associate with this Hammam range, and I enjoy applying the product and having the smell wake me up whenever I use it.

I apply this product as a mask and leave it on for five minutes. Once it's dry, I add a little water and massage it in, then I step under the shower to wash it off. What I'm left with is smooth, glowing skin that feels nicely polished without feeling too dry or irritated - although I do prefer to use a body oil instead of a cream after use because I feel like I need the extra hydration.

On the claims: yes this purifies and exfoliates the skin; yes it leaves skin looking fresh and supple; yes it removes dead skin cells; and yes I also find it refreshing and revitalising to boot.

One final thing to note is that I much prefer this product to the hot scrub from this kit, and since it retails for almost half the price of that one, I'd recommend this over that any day.

A beautiful product.

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