March 2017 empties #1


Hello all and welcome to my first empties post of the month! As you may remember, I've promised myself that I'll try to knock off three empties posts this month in an attempt to get on top of the empties box. This won't be an easy task because these posts take more time and effort than stock-standard reviews, so wish me luck : )

So, let's kick off with my first one and see what I've finished lately:

Rituals, The Ritual of Sakura Shower Foam

Full review here. As you may know, this is one of my favourite body products of all time so it's always a sad day when I finish a bottle. Thankfully I have a back-up of not only this scent, but also a couple of others from the range so I won't be without it for long.

It's just a really beautiful shower foam and it's easily the nicest, richest one I've ever tried - plus it doesn't break the bank so you can't go wrong. This particular scent is so far my favourite but I haven't tried them all yet so we'll see: it's sweet and tart/refreshing at the same time and I love it. Repurchase? Already have.

C-Lab & Co Coffee Scrub with Coconut

I received this product in a sub box and I love me a good coffee scrub so I was happy to use and enjoy it. It's not any better (or worse) than other coffee scrubs I've tried, however, so I wouldn't necessarily tell you to go out and buy it - but it's worth grabbing if you can find it on special in the chemist.

I've reviewed it here. It's a good scrub that indeed smells like coffee and coconut, and I used it perhaps twice a week when my body needed a really good polish - it's especially good to use before self-tanning. Yes it's lovely but it's not the best coffee scrub I've used to date. Purchase? Maybe. 

Pixi Glow Tonic

Full review here. This is a much-loved product in the beauty community but unfortunately it didn't grab me - I think because I already use and love Alpha-H's Liquid Gold and this product doesn't hold a candle to that one so I'd opt for the Liquid Gold any day.

Yes it does have a slight brightening and resurfacing effect and yes it's cheaper than the Liquid Gold (in theory), but I find that the Liquid Gold does so much more than this one and I also need to use about a quarter of it per application, so the Pixi product doesn't work out more cheaply in the long-run - at least not for me. Repurchase? No.

Pixi Overnight Glow Serum 

Now this one I did really like and I've got it down as a potential repurchase because I did feel that it made a difference to my skin, plus it's not super expensive so it's one to keep in mind. I've reviewed it here.

It's like a gel in texture and I used it maybe every second night (on alternate evenings to Alpha-H's Liquid Gold). What I liked about it was that it generally met its claims so it had a resurfacing, exfoliating effect and my skin felt smoother and looked more even after use. It also had an effect on the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so my face happily looked a few years younger when I used it. Always a plus! Repurchase? Maybe.

Mecca Cosmetica Clean Slate Makeup Remover

Full review here. This product surprised me because it was so good and I don't normally 'notice' makeup removers unless they're really good or really bad, so it must have been good because I do want to buy it again so I may just do that next time I'm in Mecca.

It cuts through face-gunk like nothing else and it didn't irritate or dry out my parched, sensitive skin so it's definitely one to test if you find some removers too astringent. It was also super effective and normally gentle removers don't do much for me, so it's no surprise that I've given this an HG tag and it's gone straight to the Hall of Fame. Purchase? Yes.

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF 50+

This is also a 'sad day' product when it shows up in my empties because all I'll have to do is go out and buy another one, although fortunately I do have a back-up this time around so I won't need to do that anytime soon. I've reviewed it here.

This is another HG item for me and I can't imagine ever being without it: it protects my face; it doesn't cost the earth like some decent facial sunscreens do; plus it's matte and it doesn't leave a white cast or greasy feel to the skin. Honestly, I can't recommend it enough. Repurchase? Yes.

Project Pan empties

I won't bang-on about these too much because I've already done that via Project Pan, so suffice to say:
  • The Essential Apothecary Bright Toothpaste stopped agreeing with me by the end but it wasn't love for me anyway and I'm happy to just reach for my stock-standard toothpaste tube indefinitely.
  • The Josie Maran gel blush was a fantastic product but I just don't use blush unless it's in powder form so it'd be silly for me to buy another one - even though the formula was great.
  • The Reverie hair treatment did nothing for me and I didn't love the scent so I wouldn't touch it again.
  • The Mirenesse highlighter wasn't a bad product but it wasn't great either and the longevity on these isn't great because this one started crumbling like nobody's business after it had been open for a year or so: I would expect more from a product that costs this much.

So that's a no to repurchasing all of these.

In sum

My favourite items in here are the two Mecca products and also the Rituals one, all of which I'd repurchase. I also did really enjoy the Pixi serum so that's a maybe for me because it doesn't cost the earth but still performs well.

Do let me know if you've finished anything amazing this month: I'd love to hear.

Speak soon x

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