Project Dent 2017: Becca Mineral Blush in Bolero


If you've read any of my makeup inventory posts (the last one is here), you will know that the two worst makeup categories I have in terms of 'too much stuff' is blush and highlighter. 

This is why I've been focusing my panning efforts on those two categories in particular, and part of that means working out which products will be the easiest to pan - because blushes and highlighters are the hardest things to finish (in my opinion), so I need to pick out the 'low hanging fruit' in order to keep myself motivated.

Anyhoo. What I'm getting at here is that I've been treating Project Dent, at least in part, as a kind of 'feeder' project for Project Pan and Pan that Palette, and at the moment I'm going through my blushes to work out which ones will present the least panning issues. I already know to avoid Hourglass with the proverbial barge-pole. Next up is Becca.

Now I absolutely love Becca blushes, to the point where I've been silly enough to acquire four full-sizes and one in half-size (courtesy of one of those Champagne Splits that contain both a blush and a highlighter).

I do not need four, or 4.5, if you will. Three maximum would suffice, and since 3.5 of those are nudes of varying degrees of brown, the browns are where I shall start.

Becca Bolero. I love it. I've reviewed it here. But do I need it? Probably not. If I reach for a nude, it's more likely to be Wild Honey or Sweet Pea, since this one's a touch too red and it looks best on me when I'm at my darkest. Which is happily now.

When I bought it, I thought it may also work as a bronzer - which it may do on some but it's a touch too red on me for that - and this is coming from someone who loves a good red-toned bronzer, so this should tell you something.

So yesterday I mixed it with one of the powders from the Hourglass Surreal Light Edit (the one that's supposed to be bronze, although I didn't get enough brown so mine's more of a frosty champagne) and you know what? It works perfectly as a bronzer then. Today I also tested it alone on the eyes, and it does make for a great crease colour too so it's got 'Project Pan' written all over it because I wouldn't have to use it as a blush alone, meaning I'm unlikely to get bored of it.

Here's how it looks today, 10 March 2017:

And again:

One more for good measure: 

As you can see, I've definitely used it but not enough to dent it. Enter Project Dent.

What I propose to do for the rest of March is have a really good go at it and use it daily - whether as a bronzer, blush and/or eyeshadow - and see how far I can take it.

Should it prove to be 'denting' itself quickly, expect to see it wind up in Project Pan 2017. I've just finished a cream blush as part of that project and I'm also currently working on a powder blush that I'm mixing in with a setting powder because it's too pale for use on my medium skin as a blush. I've also just finished an eyeshadow that I've been calling a blush separately (you'll see it in my empties soon enough) so I know I can get through three blushes this year, but can I make it four?

Quite possibly. This next round of Project Dent will give us some idea.

Wish me luck, and speak soon x 

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