Project Pan mini update #6


Hello all and welcome to my next Project Pan mini update! 

I'm pleased to report that, as predicted, I've finished off the above Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Tanielle Desert Rose - so I wanted to sneak in this post before my full update at month's end because I'd like to keep things moving and bring in something else now.  

Also, I have an exciting sneak peek at the end of this post so stay tuned for that : )

Above you can see my empty lipstick and also the marker behind it where I've now crossed out this finished product. I do love Shanghai Suzy lipsticks but I bought far too many of them back in the day, so I'm happy to report that I've now finished my final one. Woot woot!

You'll see from the marker that I got through quite a bit since I introduced this product at the beginning of March - which doesn't surprise me because what was left in the bullet was thinner than usual (it had melted a bit during summer) and I do get through lip products faster than anything else.

Now as promised I'll soon bring in my one remaining cream blush (to use as a lip tint), but before I do that, I have one more lip product that I would like to pan:

Hikari Lip Crayon in Macchiato

Full review here. I don't love the formula of this crayon but the colour is one of the nicest I've found because it treads the right balance between brown and orange, and it's rare to find a lip colour that suits me this well.

I've been rationing it because I've wanted to find a dupe, but months of searching for one have yielded no results (I even swatched Urban Decay's extensive range of Vice lipsticks in Mecca Maxima), so I've finally decided to let go since it's been open for a year now and I need to get through it.

What's left won't last out April, so expect to see another lip empty soon.

Now for my sneak peek!

Above is where my Vivito blush was at the end of February...

Drum roll please...

And below is where it is now:

My golly, I've almost finished it! While I've been using this mixed in with my setting powder because it's too pale for my cheeks, it's still a huge effort to get through a powder blush so I'm thrilled that I've made this much progress.

I re-pressed it a couple of days ago and what's left is reasonably thin. I'd say there's about two weeks to go on this, although I've started using it not only mixed in with my setting powder but also as a base shadow and a base blush - so it's possible that it could be empty by the end of March. Wish me luck!

Hope all's well with you guys, and speak soon x

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