Thankyou Antibacterial Grapefruit Hand Sanitiser - review


I recently reviewed a hand wash from Thankyou (see here) and since I didn't like it and gave it a bad review, I wanted to follow up with another post on a different product.

Fortunately I like this sanitiser more than I do the hand wash, which makes me happy because this brand has a good story and I wanted to give you a Thankyou product to keep in mind, just in case you'd like to support them.

Briefly, 'Thankyou' is a relatively new brand that, according to its website, gives 100% of its profits to life-changing projects that help people in need. 

'With the help of everyday Australians,' the brand says, 'we have given over $4.8 million (as of October 2016) to our projects in 18 countries, which translates to getting food, safe water and sanitation, and child and maternal health services to hundreds and thousands of people.'

Given that starting point, I'm happy to say that this sanitiser is decent so it's something to keep in mind for next time you're in the chemist and need something like this. I also have a body wash from Thankyou floating around upstairs, so I'll be sure to report back on that product too once I've used it.

Thankyou claims/product details:
  • Say hello to that good ol' fresh feeling!
  • Nasty germs have little chance when this life-changing sanitiser is around
  • Made with aloe vera and vitamin e
  • The amazing part? This bottle helps get water and sanitation services to someone in need
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • pH balanced
  • RRP $12.99 AUD for 500ml, but do shop around


We started using hand sanitiser again when my son was born and although he's five months old now so we don't sanitise often anymore because germs are good for babies' immune systems, we still do keep one around for when my daughter brings a bug home from childcare (all too often) and we want to avoid transferring it to the baby (or ourselves!).

It's a clear gel that smells strongly of grapefruit and I like the scent because it's refreshing, so I do prefer to use this product over the other sanitisers we've had for the scent alone.

It comes in a large bottle complete with a pump and I almost always prefer my body products to come with a pump so that's a plus and it makes for ease of use.

I'm going to assume that the sanitiser is effective and I've seen no sign so far that it's not, so I do believe that it does what it claims to do and it's one to keep in mind if you need a decent hand sanitiser and want to try something new.

While it is a touch drying on the skin, it's not as drying as other hand sanitisers I've used so I do think the addition of aloe vera and vitamin e in this one makes a difference and I don't feel as though it strips or irritates the skin with frequent use.

So in sum, this is a good sanitiser that doesn't cost the earth and I recommend it if you need something like this. The packaging also looks much nicer than that housing the other sanitisers we've owned so as soon as we got this one, it went straight to the kitchen to replace the one we'd had there previously since it looks better and I do like reaching for things that look good.

A nice product and something to look out for, particularly given that the brand supports people in need.

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