Project Pan 2017 mini update #5


Today I'd hoped to bring you my second empties post for the month, but unfortunately my photo session was cut short yesterday and I was only able to take photos for this one: my next mini update for Project Pan 2017.

While it's true that the last little bits of both these concealers are sitting in a tub (which also contains the foundation I'm panning and a dollop of sunscreen to thin the mixture out), it's also true that these tubes are now empty and the foundation mix will be finished within a week - so I'm going to go ahead and officially remove them from circulation. This will also mean that I can bring in another product to replace them while there's still almost two weeks left in the month.

So yes, as you can see I have definitely finished off both my Maybelline and Bodyography concealers - or at least the containers are empty and the last remaining bits of product will be gone soon enough.

I've already brought in another concealer this month and it took me a while to decide what to pan next because, while I do have plenty of things that I've earmarked for Project Pan, I wanted to pick something that wouldn't take too long and that I also wouldn't be using unless I panned it.

Time for a nailpolish.

Nicole by OPI Nailpolish in Play Fair

Full review here. I only own four nailpolishes and one of those is unopened, and I don't normally review nailpolishes on this blog because I don't use enough of them to feel 'comfortable' in giving you my thoughts - reason being, most polishes chip on me before they've been on for half a day (perhaps something to do with all this typing) so I mostly don't bother applying them.

But as you'll see below, I have used a reasonable amount of this one and it must have been open for at least two years now. Given the 24-month expiry date, I'd quite like to get through it while it's still ok to use because then I'll be able to open the one remaining back-up polish in my stores.

Note that all four nailpolishes I own have come in subscription boxes because I don't buy them for myself, and I haven't bothered including them in my makeup inventory count since I don't see them as a 'problem' category for me (same goes with fragrance) and I'm in no rush to get through the others I own since they're all relatively new. 

But I do want to finish this one, since I'm already just over halfway through the bottle and I might as well use it up. While a half-empty polish might be an 'easy' product for some, it's not for me because I never have time to do my nails (with a toddler and a baby, my hands are rarely free) so it will be challenging to get through the last bits of this and I do like a good challenge.

I remember reading somewhere that there are 25 applications in a standard bottle of polish, so let's say that I have 12 left and we'll reduce that to 10 for this particular product since it's quite sheer and I normally need three coats per use.

If I can apply it once a week on my hands and once a month on my toes, I should be through it within two months and I can then move it out of my collection.

This is going to be like self-tanning mousse for me - application being easier said than done - so do wish me luck because this might now be the most 'difficult' product on my list!

Hope all's well with you guys, and speak soon x 

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