Project Dent 2017: GA-DE GD Idyllic Soft Satin Eyeshadow Palette in 34 Golden Savannah


I must have had this eyeshadow quad for close to a year now, but it was only around six months ago that I actually opened it and tried it for the first time. 

Reason being, I (mostly) don't like to open products as soon as I get them - I prefer to save them for a rainy day - plus I didn't actually buy this product and it came as a GWP with a Beautybay order yonks ago. 

Also, it wasn't the GWP I selected at the time (from memory I chose a travel-sized cleanser) but apparently Beautybay had run out of the cleanser and so I wound up with this. Since it's a full-sized item and not a cheap one at that, I wasn't complaining!

That being said, this is the kind of palette that I can't get a full look from and so I never use it. I did consider decluttering it at one point but I do like gold and I don't have that much eyeshadow, so I kept it with the idea that I may eventually depot the shades and put them in a bigger palette with some mattes (these are all shimmers and satins).

With that in mind - and knowing that I'll soon be ready to remove some empty pans from the Z-palette I'm focusing on for Pan that Palette 2017 - there will soon be room in my Makeup Geek Travel Vault (after I've moved some shades from there into my Pan that Palette challenge), so I'd like to use this more often now and work out whether I want to keep it. I also plan to review it soon so stay tuned for that.

Worth noting now is that I don't plan to 'dent' this product alone during the Project Dent period: I also plan to bring in my one other eyeshadow quad, a Burberry palette, the idea being that these two quads should work well together and therefore might end up alongside each other in my Makeup Geek Travel Vault. 

This will in turn hopefully mean that I start using them more often, since neither of these quads has had much use and I keep forgetting I have them.

Anyhoo. As you can see, this palette contains four shades of gold and no mattes - so to me, it's not a versatile palette and I'll probably never use it much unless I do depot it.

I've probably used it twice on my eyes and swatched it twice too, so it's barely been touched and it's therefore a good subject for Project Dent.

There's the palette in natural light (outdoors):

There it is again, direct sunlight:

Not much use to see here!

Also worth noting is that the dirty gold shade (top left) has unfortunately developed some hard-pan (in the centre, you can see it looks darker where the hard-pan has formed). That's disappointing - particularly when you consider that I've barely used this - so I may need to scratch that off during the denting period. We'll see.

I plan to use both this and the Burberry quad every day for at least two weeks. While this may affect how much I can use my Pan that Palette  shadows during that time, I'm comfortable with the progress I've made so far on those and I will still be using plenty of the shades on the face (rather than the eyes), so it won't hold up proceedings too much.

Hope all's well with you guys, and speak soon x

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