Project Dent 2017: Burberry Complete Eye Palette in No. 07 Pink Taupe


Yesterday I introduced a GA-DE quad into Project Dent for March, and also let you know that I planned to use it alongside this Burberry one - so I'm back today to talk about the Burberry product. If you're interested, the GA-DE post is here.

I bought this Burberry quad not long after Sephora opened its doors in Melbourne: I'd wanted one of these (and a Burberry blush) for ages because the formula has been raved about something chronic in the beauty community, and after much swatching I decided that this was the palette for me. 

While I did wait for a 20 per cent off sale before buying it, it still cost $72 AUD - which is of course ridiculous - but I'm prepared to pay that much for a good formula.

The only other time I've spent that much on such a small amount of shadow is when I bought my Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow palette at $84  - although I have to say that the Hourglass one has had plenty of use and I don't regret the purchase for a moment.

This one's another story: I've only used it a handful of times and I'm yet to discover a way to make it work well for me. Reason being, I can't get a defined look for it and all the colours muddy up and merge together on the eye. While I do prefer a diffused look, I certainly don't like a muddy one.

Still, I do like the colours themselves and I have a feeling that I might start to love this palette if I use it alongside another one and don't rely on it alone for a single eye look.

Enter Project Dent. My idea is to use both quads together (sometimes paired with my shadows from Pan that Palette) because I think the colours will work in concert, and if I do like them together then I'll eventually depot them into a small palette. 

I reckon that's the only way I'll encourage myself to use them more often, since if I can't get a full look from a palette, then I tend not to reach for it.

If you're interested in colour, here's how the palette looked when I first bought it (natural light):

And indirect sunlight:

And here's how it looks today, as of 29 March 2017 (direct sunlight):

As you can see, I've definitely used it but not enough to make much of an impact on the pattern on the shadows.

My aim is to use this and the other quad for at least two weeks, then I'll update you on my progress. I hope to also review each palette in that time so stay tuned for that.

Then, once I've knocked out a few more shades from the Z-palette I'm focusing on for Pan that Palette, I'll put some more shadows into the empty spots from my Makeup Geek Travel Vault and then transfer these two quads to the MG Vault.

Wish me luck!

Hope all's well with you guys, and speak soon x

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