Panning goals for 2017 (March update)


So I've just done an updated makeup inventory post (see here) and I've decided that it's a good time to revisit my 2017 panning goals because they will now be different, given some unexpected changes to various categories in my revised inventory.

If you would like to see my last 'panning goals' post, it's here.

Otherwise, let's cut the preamble and just get into it : )


My last goal was to finish two and hit pan on a third. I've since finished one and I have another one that's on its way out via Pan that Palette, so I now need to work out which one to focus on next.

I should really focus on finishing my old Stila Sun Bronzer in Dark (I've already hit pan on that) but I love the colour and it's been discontinued (plus I'm yet to find a dupe) so I may actually look at panning something else. Just thinking about it, it will probably have to be my Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed since I've already made some progress on that via Project Dent and everything else is too new/full. Unless I pick one of my minis. We'll see.

Blushes (powder)

I'd aimed to finish two and hit pan on a third, and believe it or not I've already finished two (one was the remains of a loose powder eyeshadow that I only ever used as blush and the other I used mixed in with my setting powder because it was too pale to show up as a blush on my colouring), so I now need to focus on a third.

I suspect this will be my Becca Mineral Blush in Bolero because I've just 'dented' that one via Project Dent and I know I can finish it by using it as a bronzer and eyeshadow - so why don't I revise my goal to finishing three (forget the pan part) because I think I can do it. Fingers crossed.

Powder foundations

I wanted to finish the only two (full sizes) I own because I've had them for a couple of years now and they have 36-month expiry dates. I'm not actually sure I can do that because they're 27g in size, but I have made some progress via Project Pan so we'll see.

Liquid bases

By this I mean anything that falls within the liquid foundation, BB/CC cream and tinted moisturiser category.

My goal was to finish four and I've already finished three since my last one of these posts so I need to set the bar higher. Let's aim to kick out an additional two tinted moisturisers and two foundations this year, which I should be able to do because the products I own have already been used quite a bit - I'll just need to pan them in turn.


I didn't have many of these last time around but I did buy one and I've somehow wound up with another three as gifts, two of those being full size. Oops!

My goal was to finish three but let's make that four (whether full size, travel size or mini) so I can keep this category within manageable levels.


I wanted to finish three and I've already finished two so let's move this goal up to four.

Liquid highlighters

I wanted to finish two and I've already finished one, plus I'm working on a second. I don't think I'll manage any more than this because I have two full-sized Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors and I need a full year to finish one of those: they're huge.

Powder highlighters

I wanted to finish three of these and I've already knocked out two so let's increase my goal to four. While it's not easy to finish powder highlighters, I do have two that I'm prepared to use on my body or even mixed in with my body cream (they're quite old now) so expect to see those show up in Project Pan soon.


I only have two of these and while I was panning one, I've decided to stop doing that because I'm at least halfway through it now and I'd like to experiment with my new one for a while. If I can finish one this year, great, but I don't think I will and I'm ok with that for now.

Cream face products

I wanted to finish three and I've already finished one (a blush), and I'm panning another one so I'll need to introduce the third into my panning projects soon. No change to my goal here.

Cream eyeshadows/primers

I wanted to finish three - not an easy goal, but I've already panned one and I'm currently panning a second. I did also declutter a third so I'm technically close to my goal and I'm not sure that I can pan an additional one this year. I'll reassess this later on.

Face palettes

I wanted to finish my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Wardrobe and I've done that, so I've reached my goal here and I only have one other open face palette (plus one unopened back-up of the same limited-edition palette) so I don't need to work on anything else under this heading for the moment.


I wanted to finish twelve eyeshadows and pan six more. I've finished four so far (two from my Z-palette and two outside of that) and hit pan on a few others, but there's still plenty more work to be done. No change to this goal.

Lip products

I wanted to finish twelve and I've already finished ten (I find lip products the easiest but I've also finished four plain lip balms as foot 'creams'), so let's increase that and aim for twenty in total by the end of the year.

In sum

That's all from me for now. I've definitely set the bar high in many categories but I do think my goals are mostly achievable: I've been a panner for years now so I have a reasonable idea of what I can and can't manage in the space of a year.

Do let me know in the comments what your panning goals are for 2017 - I'd love to hear.

Speak soon x

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