Makeup inventory: March 2017


Hello all and welcome to my March 2017 makeup inventory. I wrote my last one of these back in January (see here) and I've decided to do quarterly updates, so here I am with the next instalment.

While three months isn't a long time between posts so there won't be much movement, I feel it's important for me to do one of these every few months because it's a good reminder of what I have so these posts tend to stop me from buying things I don't need. Not only this, they keep me motivated for my panning projects and they also give me ideas for what to pan next.

So without further ado...

Base products


I did have five of these in my last update, and somehow this category has gone up and so I now have eight (open: two full size, one travel size and one mini; unopened: three full size and one mini).

Of the new ones, I've only bought one full size - so the extra full sizes and mini were either sent to me or came as a GWP. My goal for this category was to have no more than four, or to have no more than 90ml open at one time, so while I now have too many in back-up, at least I don't have too many open.

Looks like I need to pan primers! Let's aim to have six by June's inventory update.

Setting sprays

I have two open full sizes (one's almost finished), so this category has gone up by one but I was allowed to buy a replacement so I'm ok with this number.

Liquid illuminators

I had four and I now have three (two open full sizes and one unopened mini), so I don't need to do anything with this category - other than pan my two open ones because I've had them for a while.

Liquid foundation

I had four and I still have four, although one's almost finished so we're getting there. My aim is to have two.

Shade adjusting drops (new category)

I said I was going to buy the Australis lightening drops when they were on special, and I did this earlier in the month so I'm pleased because it means that I'll no longer need to buy foundations in two colours (for summer and winter).

Powder foundation

I still have two full sizes (same product, two colours) and one unopened travel size: three in total. My goal for this category is one full size and perhaps one travel size, which is why I'm currently panning my full sizes - so I can eventually just buy one in one colour.

BB/CC cream and tinted moisturiser

I had five and I now have three because I've panned myself down in numbers. Woot woot! My aim is to have no more than three (or no more than 100ml open at a time), so I'm good for this category but I'd like to get through a couple of mine this year because they've been open for six months now.


I had one and I've now bought a second one that I've been dying to try. Two is probably too many so I'll eventually pan one.


I had six and I now have four because I've panned two. I've adjusted my goal of three or four here because I've realised that concealer is something I don't 'need' to own in different formulas and I'm happy to just have one formula in different colours, so my new goal here is two.

Face (miscellaneous) 

Setting powder

I had one and I now have three because as promised I bought the RCMA No Colour Powder and I also received a mini as a GWP. My aim is to have only one (plus the occasional mini to try something new), and I'll get there soon because the one I'm using is on the way out.

Finishing powder

I had two and I now have one because I panned the palette I owned. Yay! Happy with this amount.

Face palettes

I still have one (plus one unopened backup of the same limited-edition palette), which contains a finishing powder, a bronzer, two blushes and one highlight. I'm happy with this amount, too.


Cream blushes

I had two and I now have one because I panned one. My aim is to have zero since I don't use cream blush, so I'll start panning my other one very soon.

Cream eyeshadow/bases and primers

I had three and although I've since panned one, as promised I've also bought the Too Faced Glitter Glue and another 'standard' eye primer because all I had left was two cream eyeshadows and I don't always like using those as bases. 

The two dedicated primers aren't open yet, however, and I would like to finish one of my creams before tucking into those. My eventual goal here is two primers only because I don't use cream shadow.

Cream contours

I have one cream contour duo and one creamy highlighter pencil. I'm happy with just those two but I'd like to pan both this year because I've decided that I don't need cream contouring products - so zero is the eventual goal here.

Cream highlighter (new category)

I received one in a sub box and I haven't decided yet whether or not I'll keep it, but what I do know is that I'll either declutter it or pan it because I don't use cream products enough to have a spot for one in my collection.

Powder products

I've come to dread this particular heading because it's my worst one by far. I think everyone has a weak spot and this one is mine, so what I want to do here is have a 'two out, one in' rule - meaning I'm still allowed to buy things under this heading (life would be boring otherwise ; )), but I do need to get my numbers down to a more comfortable level. 

Note also that these numbers don't count the products in my Z-palettes, since I view those as 'palettes' and I'd rather count the pans in those separately because it makes it easier to see movement throughout the year (eg as I finish pans in my Z-palettes and move my full-sized products into those) - and seeing movement is what keeps me motivated!


Ok, so I did have ten (including two powder minis and one liquid mini) and I now have more because I was sent four powder minis as a gift (so I now have five minis of Benefit's Hoola). Ach.

Now I know I've panned and depotted some so I went and counted them again, and I have five full sizes (plus one unopened); one liquid mini and six powder minis. That's eleven in total - a lot more than my goal of six - but once I make room in my Z-palettes, I plan to move the Hoola minis into those so things will look much better here soon enough. Wish me luck!


I can't help myself when it comes to blushes but I have panned a couple since the last inventory. Before I had nine full sizes, one half size and one three-pan palette; now I have eight full sizes (plus two unopened because I bought two of the Marc Jacobs Airblushes - naughty), one half size and the palette. So let's call that twelve. Yikes. My aim is seven eventually but I'm aiming for nine by the end of this year: I'll hopefully pan one and make enough room in my Z-palettes to move some into those.

Powder highlighter

I had fourteen and I've had to count them again because I know I've finished some and also moved some into my Z-palettes. So I now have nine full sizes and one half size (we'll call that ten), meaning I've done better in this category than I thought I would. 

My ultimate goal here is seven and I'd thought that I wouldn't get lower than ten this year, but looks like I might so let's aim for eight by 2018.


Eyeshadow palettes (small and large)

I had two quads, two quints and three larger palettes (seven) and I've since bought another large one so I now have eight. I'm not too fussed about this because I'm not far away from depotting at least one of my smaller palettes into a Z-palette (I've made some room through Pan that Palette 2017), so let's aim to keep this number at around seven.


I had two (one open and one unopened back-up) and I now have three because I received a mini as a GWP. My goal here is two.


I had three and I still have three because I received a mini in one of Mecca's Beauty Loop boxes. That's the one I'm using and the other two are unopened back-ups. I'm happy with this category.

Brow products

I had one clear brow gel and I've since finished that so I now have zero here. That's fine and I might eventually buy a dedicated brow product, once I've finished a few pans of brown eyeshadow (which I'm currently using on my brows).


Lip liner

I had two and I still have two. I don't use lip liner so I'd like to pan both eventually.


Previously I had eighteen (including two unopened back-ups) and I've had to count them again - not an easy task because I've got lipsticks all over the house! - and I now have seventeen (including the two unopened ones). Twelve is my goal here.

Lip crayon

I have one and I'm currently panning it, so finishing that is my only goal here.

Lip balm

I had three open and six unopened (so nine in total) and I now only have three (all open) because I've panned myself down. My goal was four so I've done even better than this and I'm happy to just use the three I have and eventually only have two (one for the handbag and one for the bedside table).

Lip gloss

I had seven and I now have five (two open and three unopened), so I've exceeded my goal of six (four open, two backups) and I'd quite like to only have three eventually.


As always, the sting in the tail. 

I have four in total: two larger Z-palettes and two smaller ones.

In my last inventory I had:
  • one bronzer
  • one contour powder
  • three full sized blushes and three mini blushes (six)
  • three highlighters 
  • fifty-five eyeshadow pans

I now have:
  • two bronzers (I depotted another one)
  • one contour powder
  • two full sized blushes and three mini blushes (five - I finished one)
  • four full sized highlighters and one mini (five - I depotted the extras)  
  • forty-nine eyeshadow pans (I've panned some)

As mentioned previously, my goal with this section is not so much to get the numbers down (because I want my Z-palettes to be full), but instead to keep finishing pans for now so I can continue to bring new products into these palettes, since I reach for them daily and anything in them gets plenty of use. So I've done pretty well in this section because we can see there's been some movement.

In sum

I'm a bit nervous about this count because I'm worried that my numbers might have gone up!

So, including the individual pans in my Z-palettes (but counting pre-made palettes as one item), I now have a total of 185 makeup items, which is down from the 195 I had previously. 

If I count the Z-palettes as only four items and don't count the individual pans, I have 127 products - a little better than the 129 I had in my last inventory.

What's annoying about these totals is that I've only bought four makeup items since my last inventory post (two blushes, one eyeshadow palette and a primer) and I've finished quite a lot, but I keep winding up with extra things either in sub boxes, as GWPs (I've bought a bit of skincare but not so much makeup) or as gifts from friends etc. So my spending isn't bad but I do keep receiving extras.

The good news is that I'm letting two of my three subscription boxes go this year so two of the 'sources' will soon be gone.

Again, my overall goal is no more than 100 items, plus whatever's in my Z-palettes.

That's all from me for now. I'll check back in mid-year and let you know where things are at.

Speak soon x

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