Sachet city: samples used in March 2017


Earlier this month we went to Chadstone for the specific purpose of buying me a blush from Sephora: I've finished two blushes in the last month or so and I'm about to finish a third, so I was allowed a purchase. Woot woot!

While we were there, I made sure to pick up samples of three foundations I'd had my eye on: one from MUFE, one from Kevyn Aucoin and one from Hourglass. I'd also hoped to grab a sample of the much-loved Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation, but apparently Sephora doesn't stock that in-store (only online) so I had to forgo that one.

Anyhoo. That's a round-a-bout way of introducing this post: with three fresh foundation samples ready to be tested, it was definitely time to get through a round of samples. So here we are.

So, in this lot we have the following foundations: Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint (Golden), Makeup Forever Ultra HD (Y315) and Kevyn Aucoin The Etherealist (EF 06).

Now I did get matched in-store and I agreed with the matches at the time, but now that I've got them home, all three foundations are a hair too dark. Given that they're pretty close to my summer colour, I expect that my closest match will be from MUFE, since they have 40 shades while the other two have significantly less (so the next shade down in each may be significantly too pale). We'll see.

I've given you my thoughts on the Hourglass product before (see here), so what I'll do now is compare the three.

The Hourglass one is the thickest and I don't love the texture, but it's somehow the easiest to blend. While all three apply and blend well, I barely need to do any work with it. It's also the most smoothing (so good for texture), but it's the most visible on the skin. Yes it looks natural, but I can tell I'm wearing makeup because it adds a slight layer over the skin, rather than sinking in and 'becoming one' with my face.

The MUFE and Aucoin foundations are very, very similar once they're on. I've got one on half my face today and one on the other half, and both look very natural and give a slightly dewy finish.

The differences I can see are: the Aucoin is more smoothing (so it minimises pores/texture), while the MUFE doesn't help with that; the Aucoin has more coverage out of the starting gate (a medium), but you can build the MUFE to match it; I need less of the Aucoin to get the same coverage on each side, so even though the MUFE is $20 cheaper, it will work out about the same on a price-per-use basis. The MUFE also has a slightly tackier finish, although I would definitely set both with a powder.

I actually wouldn't mind owning both the Aucoin and the MUFE: I think the MUFE is more suitable for everyday wear because it's less apparent on the skin (perhaps because it doesn't have a smoothing effect), while the Aucoin would make a better 'going out' foundation.

So that's two for the wishlist! The Hourglass has been knocked out for now, although it's still a beautiful product and one I recommend testing.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

This is described as a light, comfortable cream/gel that plumps skin with hydration for a full 24 hours. I've used a couple of sachets before and I like it just as much this time as I did previously: it's indeed lightweight like a gel and it's beautifully hydrating without being too heavy.

While it hasn't gone straight to the wishlist as some samples do, it's definitely one I'll keep in mind because it agreed with my skin and Clinique skincare tends to be quite reasonably priced (this costs $60 for 50ml). I'd recommend grabbing a sample of this if like me you have dry skin and are always looking for good, hydrating products that aren't ridiculously expensive.

Clinique Prep-start Eye Cream

This should rejuvenate, perk up and brighten the eye area, leaving it looking fresh, smooth and youthful.

I'm always in the market for an eye cream because I'm yet to find my HG and eye creams are notoriously expensive, but unfortunately this product isn't it: it's left my eye area worse-for-wear so I'm looking super dry and my eye wrinkle has come back (that's the wrinkle over one of my hooded eyes that only appears when I'm using a dud eye cream), so I'm looking forward to going back to something else. My eyeshadow looks terrible and my eyes look crepe-y. Blurgh.

Half Moon Eyes Pinky Fruity Wash Off Mask

We received a three-pack of these from Maslow & Co, and it took me a while to get around to using them because I have so many masks open (and in stock) that I would rather focus on using what's already on-hand.

Still, I got around to them eventually. They contain dragonfruit (to nourish and exfoliate) and they should calm/cool the skin and also clear/minimise pores.

The main thing I noticed about them was that there's so much product in each sample: you could easily re-seal them and get as many as three uses from each. I didn't do this, however - what I did was apply the whole lot and include my neck/dec in the fun. They do indeed smell fruity and they're also pink, and they're essentially little mud masks that dry down and operate as you'd expect - so I do think they brighten and clear the skin a bit, but not enough for me to put them on the list of potentials.

EmerginC Multi-Fruit Cleanser 

This is apparently a gentle but effective soap-free cleanser that helps remove dead skin cells, cellular debris and makeup without over-drying the skin. 

It's a cream cleanser and it does smell fruity, and while I agree that it's gentle and reasonably effective, it also didn't wow me and I personally wouldn't fork out $57 AUD for the full size. I reckon it's easier to find decent cleansers that don't cost the earth - as opposed to say serums,  which I'm prepared to throw more dollars at - so I wouldn't buy this or recommend it because I think you can find something that works just as well for a fraction of the price.

Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash

This is described as an 'aromatherapeutic foaming body wash' and 'a rich, skin-conditioning botanical cleanser for the entire body.' It apparently contains no artificial fragrance or colour.

While I agree with that description, I've seen that the full size of this product costs $66 AUD so I wouldn't touch it with a barge-pole. Yes it foams up and cleanses nicely and yes it smells good, but even if I were rolling in money (which I most certainly am not), I would never spend this much on body care - I just don't think it's necessary. Plus as usual Dermalogica makes these body-care samples the same size as its facial care ones (so only 2ml), which certainly isn't enough to make a decision on how much you like something.

Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment

This one's more reasonably priced at $12.50 AUD for 15ml, and it's described as 'an intense, non-greasy treatment of botanicals and vitamins to protect and repair chapped hands while strengthening nails against splitting and peeling.' This also contains no artificial fragrance or colour.

I didn't mind this hand cream but it also didn't amaze me, and while it smelled ok, hand cream is something I prefer to smell divine. It was indeed hydrating without being greasy, but using it was a bit of a 'hoh-hum' experience so it's not one I would buy.

In sum

The most interesting things in this lot are of course the foundation samples, since all three of these have been on my list of things to test for a while.

I'm pleased to report that all three foundations are excellent and I do plan to buy at least one of them later in the year, once I've moved a couple of foundations out of my stash via Project Pan.

Which one will it be? At the moment it's a tie between the MUFE and the Aucoin, although I would like to try the Koh Gen Do product before finally reaching a decision.

Hope all's well with you guys, and speak soon.

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