Thankyou Foaming Hand Wash with Botanical Red Ginger and Blood Orange - review


It's not a good day in our house: both kids have inexplicably been up since 2am so my husband and I wound up with one each in separate beds, in a last-ditch effort to have at least fifty per cent of the family get some sleep. Unfortunately this did not work, so my husband has been back and forth with my daughter all night and I've had number two indefinitely attached to the boob because apparently he's going through a growth spurt. Or maybe he just felt like it. Who knows.

Anyhoo. Not a great day to wake up and discover that none of my draft photos had transferred yesterday from my old computer to my new one (or if they did, I cannot find them), so instead of going through that entire process again, I've opted to just use what I have and hope tomorrow is a better day that brings plenty of well-rested energy for dealing with mind-numbing admin. Ergh.

So! In the interests of going easy on myself, I've chosen to review this product - which I'm sorry to say I don't like, although it's one I so wanted to love because the brand does such good things with its profits (more on that below).

Thankyou claims/product details:
  • Say 'hello' to these fresh, botanical fragrances your hands will be thanking you for! 
  • Combining the fresh scent of red ginger with zesty blood orange, this antibacterial hand wash will kill 99.9% of germs
  • Foam your hands up, while changing the world
  • The amazing part? This bottle helps get water and sanitation services to people in need
  • Antibacterial
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Not tested on animals
  • Made with love in Australia
  • Vegan friendly 
  • RRP $5.50 AUD for 250ml


Just in case you're interested, I can now confirm that - having gone back and forth between my old and new computer six or seven times (probably more) - it is in fact better to edit the photos on my old computer and then use them on my new one, because for some reason they don't transfer well. So perhaps it's better to have discovered this now, after having edited the exact same photos on both computers at least ten times each, rather than having belatedly discovered this after managing to transfer them all to this new one. Maybe.

Moving on.

'Thankyou' is a relatively new brand that, according to its website, gives 100% of its profits to life-changing projects that help people in need. 'With the help of everyday Australians,' the brand says, 'we have given over $4.8 million (as of October 2016) to our projects in 18 countries, which translates to getting food, safe water and sanitation and child and maternal health services to hundreds and thousands of people.'

Given that starting point, I really wanted to love this hand wash and unfortunately I don't so I can't recommend it. Thankfully (ha) I do have two other products from these guys in line for testing, and I can already confirm that the hand sanitiser at least is better than this - so hopefully I can bring you some more positive comments on that and also the body wash, which I'm yet to try.

This hand wash comes complete with a pump and I do like the look and feel of the packaging, so no complaints there. It looks clean and simple while still looking fancy enough that I'm happy to have it sitting in the guest bathroom or kitchen where visitors might see it. Not that I really care what people think of our toiletries, but that's worth mentioning all the same ; )

What's strange about this hand wash is that it emerges from the pump already in its foam state, which I wasn't expecting. Normally foaming products lather up on contact with a bit of water and when you rub your hands together, but not this one. This one comes out as foam and I must say, I don't like that. It feels so light and foamy that I'm not convinced I'm pumping out enough to actually clean my hands properly, but I also don't think that using more product helps the situation and if anything it makes things worse because the product itself leaves a film.

When I use this, I feel that I'm left with a whole lot of foam on my hands that isn't actually doing what it needs to do: it doesn't leave my hands feeling clean but instead coats them with something that's a little waxy and drying, so I'm not sure it cleans enough for my personal tastes and I don't like the experience of using it. Plus it leaves my hands feeling super dry, and since they're already dry, that's the last thing I need from a hand wash.

I do however like the scent and it indeed smells like ginger and blood orange, so it's got that going for it: the scent is refreshing and it's exactly the kind of smell I like from my body-washing products.

So in sum, there's plenty to love about this brand but I wouldn't recommend this particular product and I'll let you know how I go with the other two. Fingers crossed I can find something in the range that floats my boat because I would like to support Thankyou, and I suspect others feel the same.

Not for me.

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