Cover FX Cream Concealer in N-Light, N-Medium and N-Deep - swatches and first impressions


I received this sample of Cover FX's Cream Concealer in a Sephora order a while ago, and I've now used it for four days running so I wanted to do a quick first impressions post.

Fortunately the sample included three different shades so I've been able to swatch those for you below and I could also mix them to get my perfect colour match.

Cover FX is one of those brands that I've wanted to explore for ages because it's well-respected in the beauty community, it's just that I have so much stuff these days that I don't need to buy more. Still, it's on my radar as a brand to play around with in future, although I wouldn't bother with this concealer because I now know it's not for me. More on why below.

I've swatched the shades above (direct sunlight): N-Light is on the left, N-Medium is in the middle and N-Deep is on the right. 

There they are again in natural light (outdoors):

And in natural light (indoors):


This concealer is apparently designed to provide buildable coverage for both the under-eye area and face to conceal imperfections, darkness and discolourations. Unfortunately I didn't like it on either my under-eyes or on my face, so it's not one I would recommend.

I used a mix of N-Light and N-Medium to get the right shade for under my eyes, and I was able to get away with N-Medium alone for the rest of my face.

It's very thick so it can look cakey if you don't warm it in your fingers first to help get a thinner layer, so I wouldn't use a brush to apply it because it will look like paint - although you could of course apply it with you fingers and then blend it out with a brush if you wanted to.

I didn't like it on my under-eyes because it shifts and settles into creases throughout the day, plus it's too drying for my dry skin: it feels drying and it also makes me look drier. Yes that's a common issue with cream concealers but I have found some that aren't as drying and don't crease quite as much (eg Benefit's Boi-ing Concealer, reviewed here), so I would recommend that product over this one any day - and the Benefit product provides better coverage in my opinion.

I also wouldn't recommend this product for things like blemishes and redness because it sits in pores and has a tendency to slip around (eg I couldn't get it to hold fast around my nose), or at least it did that for me.

So in sum, my first impressions of this product are that it doesn't work for me and it's not one I would recommend.

Do let me know if you've tried this product and what you think of it if so.

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