Rituals Infinity Hand Wash - review


I feel rather bittersweet when I post on Rituals products these days, I must say. First I fell in love with the brand in Berlin, then I couldn't get it in Australia, then the brand actually came to Australia so all my prayers were answered, and now it's packed up and left again.

What happened? Was there an issue with the Australian market? Were the products not selling well? Perhaps we'll never know, but what I do know is that I for one will miss being able to get my hands on Rituals products - and I'm sure I'm not the only one because they're wonderful and (mostly) reasonably priced.

Moving on. I bought this hand wash because I needed to boost an order to get free shipping, and since this was on sale and it had been ages since I'd used a nice hand wash, I thought why not.

Good news is, I do like it although not enough to repurchase it (if I could). More on why below.

Rituals claims/product details:
  • Packed with aromatic scents of mandarin and invigorating mint
  • This stylish designed hand wash is the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom
  • Nourishing, soap free-formula with hydrating properties 
  • Leaves your hands cleansed and refreshed
  • RRP 8 Euro for 300ml (I can't remember the price in Australian dollars)


This is a nice hand wash, although it's one of those products I didn't really 'notice' until I saw it in the bathroom and realised I hadn't yet reviewed it. I'd been using it every morning, but it hadn't left any lasting impression - which tells me it's neither really good nor really bad - although I've since decided that it's better than most for the simple reason that it doesn't dry my hands out.

It's a fluid gel that's runnier than I'd expected and it also doesn't smell as much as I'd expected. Yes it smells of mandarin and mint, but I'm used to Rituals products filling the bathroom with a divine fragrance, so I found it quite surprising that I could only smell this if I held it up to my nose. I suspect that's one of the reasons why it hasn't grabbed me as much as it might otherwise have done.

The packaging looks lovely and I'll likely refill it with something else once I've finished the bottle because it looks nice and the pump is one of those deceont ones that never jams or dispenses too much product, so you can use a tiny bit each time if that's what you want.

The product does lather a little but not much and I guess that's because it's soap-free. It does however clean well so it treads the right balance between being gentle while still being effective.

This hand wash had been in the upstairs bathroom until a week ago, when I brought it down to the kitchen so I would use it more often. Since then I've used it countless times a day (that happens when you have two young kids still in nappies and a Golden Retriever to boot), and what I've noticed is that my hands are nowhere near as dry as they were before. This is the only thing that's changed so I know it's responsible - confirming the fact that soap-based washes dry out your skin.

These days I don't even need to apply hand cream after I've washed my hands because they never feel stripped or uncomfortable, and indeed I don't think I've needed to apply hand cream all week - not even overnight. That's saying a lot, for me anyway.

So in sum, I think this is a good product and I do love that it's hydrating and never astringent, but it's probably not a repurchase for me because I was expecting something that smelled stronger and 'wowed' me a bit more, given my past experience with Rituals products.

Do let me know if you've tried any hand washes from Rituals and what you think of them if so. Perhaps there's another version that I'd prefer.

Like but not love.

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