Essano Argan Oil of Morocco Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner - review


I received this little haircare duo pack in one of my boxes from The Parcel, and I was pleased to see it at the time because I didn't have any travel-sized haircare in stock and these little bottles do come in handy for the occasional trip away.

Mind you, with a toddler and a baby we don't take a lot of trips, so I opened them a month ago and I've been testing them at home since then. The verdict? I don't like them. More on why below.

Essano claims/product details:
  • This shampoo and conditioner pack with an exotic blend of natural oils and essential vitamins treats dry, stressed hair, infusing moisture and restoring shine
  • Professionally developed using natural ingredients to deliver amazing results and beautiful hair
  • Combat dry, damaged hair with this gentle, deep cleansing formula 
  • Cares for colour treated hair
  • No parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or other nasties
  • RRP $15.99 AUD each for 300ml; or $7.95 AUD for the 2 x 50ml duo pack


I'm sorry to say it, but I don't like these at all.

Both products have a sweet, chemical scent that I don't mind but I have haircare that smells much better than these do. In texture they feel pretty standard for shampoos and conditioner - not too thick and not too thin - and the shampoo is more of a gel, while the conditioner is more creamy.

My issue with the shampoo is that it doesn't wash properly. I've been doing three washes with this and I've had to resort to going in with a different product to get the gunk out, although I worked out that this was partly because I was using a pre-wash treatment and this shampoo didn't have a chance of getting it out. 

So just to test things, last night I washed my hair using only this shampoo and without using a pre-wash treatment, plus I washed it two days early (so it wasn't super dirty), and it's done a better job but my hair still doesn't feel properly clean.

The conditioner doesn't do much for me either. It leaves my hair feeling coated and looking dull, and I can feel a film on my hair that it's left behind. My hair just looks flat and dirty and awful, and it still looks frizzy and feels dry to boot.

So together these products leave my hair feeling dirty, lifeless and heavy, and looking dull and coated. Plus they do nothing for hydration or managing frizz and they reduce the time between washes, so it's safe to say that these aren't the products for me.

Foo! Hoh well, at least they're only small sizes so I'll be finished with them soon enough.

Let me know if you've tried these products and what you think of them if so.

Speak soon x

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