Project Pan 2017: mini update #11


Hullo all and welcome to another round of Project Pan empties for April 2017!

Please note that I'd meant to bring you my full month-end update today, but I've put my back out over the weekend when we moved my daughter's cot etc from the nursery into the 'big girl's room'. This is relevant because it's taxing on my back to take bunches of shots - which I need to do for full PP updates - so I thought I'd rest it as much as possible today and instead take a few quick snaps of my last two empties for April.

Note, though, that I've already marked the rest of my Project Pan products - so you'll still see what my April progress was when I do take photos of everything else. I hope to do this in the next few days.

Moving on. 

Yes it's true, I have finally FINALLY finished my Gorgeous Cosmetics Base Perfect Liquid Foundation in 2N-BP.

I do love this formula, but the shade was far too dark and also too neutral (I need yellow undertones so I don't look ashy), so I was panning it as a mixer with a few other products to get my perfect shade. But at the beginning of April, I'd had enough - and I'd also had enough of not being able to see how much product was left because the bottle is black and you also can't unscrew the top.

What I did was squirt the remaining product into an old container. So much was left - more than I'd hoped - perhaps half the product (so 15ml). I decided then that I needed to work on this in other ways, so I stopped mixing Becca's Topaz (also on my PP list) into my moisturiser to add a bronze glow, and instead I used this for that purpose. It worked beautifully, but I wanted to get through more - so I also started using the product as a cream contour, plus I continued to use it as a mixer for my foundation.

The result? I finished it yesterday. YAY.

I've also now finished my Bodyography Lipstick in Seductress, as of last night. I love the formula of these lipsticks but I've had this for a while now and I wasn't going to rock a burgundy lip every day (I didn't want to - life's too short for all that ; )), so I got through it by using it overnight as my lip balm.

Yes it's not a lip balm and yes I've got a few burgundy smudges on my pillow case, but the formula is hydrating enough that it worked as a balm - and half our pillow cases are so old that we'll be tossing them soon anyway, so no harm done!

You'll see the marker behind the product (I've swiped it with a purple nail polish). 

You may remember my mentioning earlier that the product had melted a little over summer, so what was left in the bullet was quite soft and also thinner than it had been because I'd previously been applying the melted bits from the perimeter of the product, rather than using the tip of the bullet. This is why I managed to pan it faster than you might expect, given it's such a dark shade.

In sum

Hooray for more empties!

I'm super glad that I've cleared out these two products, and I look forward to bringing you my full April update soon - once my back pain has calmed down a little. I'll also introduce my replacement products for these two empties in that post, so stay tuned for that.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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