Dermaveen Revive & Protect Body Moisturiser SPF 50+ - review


Earlier today I reviewed Dermaveen's Soap Free Wash (see here) and I'm now back to review the body moisturiser. 

Both products were kindly sent to me for review recently and we've been using them for a while so it was high time I wrote these posts.

Like the wash, I don't mind this moisturiser but it's not perfect so it's not one I would buy. Still, it's one I'm happy to use on myself and the kids while we have it - and you could certainly do a lot worse at this price-point.

Dermaveen claims/product details:
  • An all over body moisturising cream that soothes and relieves extra dry skin with natural colloidal oatmeal and SPF 50+ broad spectrum sun protection
  • A rich moisturising formula, easy to apply and absorbs well into skin
  • 4 hours water resistant
  • Forms a protective moisture layer
  • Replenishes the skin barrier and locks in moisture for smooth skin
  • pH-balanced and free of lanolin, artificial dyes, fragrances and alcohol
  • Suitable for all over body and face use
  • Ideal for normal to mild skin sensitivity or dry skin; infants, adults and elderly
  • RRP $15.99 AUD for 200g


I have dry skin and I wear sunscreen daily so I'm always happy to come across a body moisturiser with such a high SPF - particularly one that's readily available and doesn't cost too much.

This product is a thick cream with a very slight scent (I smell the oatmeal), but I'm only aware of the smell if I hold the product up to my nose so it shouldn't bother most people.

My first issue with the cream is that it takes a good deal of effort to rub it in. While in the past this mightn't have bothered me much, these days I don't have time for all that (I have a baby and a toddler) so I'd rather reach for something that I can apply more quickly. It's one of those small details that can make a huge difference when you're rushing to get two kids out the door.

Also, this product doesn't hydrate my dry skin very well and I'm aware of it sitting on top of my skin (it leaves a slight residue) for a while after application. As someone with dry skin, I really need my creams to hydrate or I don't feel comfortable throughout the day - and unfortunately this cream doesn't quite do the job well enough so I need to use a separate moisturiser and rely on this for sun protection alone.

So while I like the idea of the product and I don't think it's bad, it's not right for me and I wouldn't buy it.

The good news, though, is that it hasn't irritated either mine or my toddler's skin, so that's worth noting too.


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