Darphin Refreshing Toner - review


Over a year ago I first tried Darphin's Hydraskin Intensive Moisturising Serum (reviewed here) and I loved it so much that I went out and bought a full size last year, and not long after I started exploring Darphin's range and bought a couple of other products to go along with it. This toner was one of them.

I'm pleased to report that I'm really enjoying this product, and I extra enjoy that it's not super expensive so it's one I'll likely buy again. 

The other Darphin products I bought were an oil and a moisturiser, which I've been using for a week now and also really like (reviews coming soon!), and I did also consider buying a couple of other products but decided to wait until I'd finished a few more skincare items from my stores first.

In any event, Darphin is a brand that's now getting two thumbs up from me and it's one of the few brands lining the shelves at Mecca that isn't expensive. Yes some of its products will break the bank, but others are very reasonably priced and I can see myself trying much more from the range in future.

Let's have a look.

Darphin claims/product details:
  • Featuring fig and banana tree flower extracts
  • Fresh-scented and alcohol-free 
  • Revitalises and tones as it completes the cleansing process 
  • For a totally clarified, refreshed feeling
  • To use: after your cleanser, apply to face and neck with a cotton pad in circular motions
  • RRP $29 AUD for 200ml


This is a really beautiful, simple toner and I'm enjoying using it so much that I may well repurchase it. As you may know, it's rare that I repurchase skincare because I do like to try different things, so if I like something enough to buy it again, that's definitely saying something.

It's a simple, clear toner that's housed in a good-looking blue plastic bottle and you get a decent 200ml of product so it should last a while. I've still got around a quarter left and I do use a lot of toner per application, so for me it will last around four months - but it could well last up to six months if you're less liberal than I am with application.

The product has a gorgeous, understated and interesting scent: I don't actually know what banana flower smells like, but I'm imagining that this is it. It's one of those soft, refreshing smells that shouldn't bother most people, and it smells completely natural to me. I look forward to using it for the scent alone.

I use this every morning after cleansing and on alternate evenings to my Alpha-H Liquid Gold, and it leaves my skin feeling beautifully clean, toned and refreshed. Worth noting is that the makeup round always comes away looking super dirty (yuk) so I know that this is doing a much better job than the last couple of toners I used because they never removed this much gunk.

Also, some toners can dry me out or leave my skin feeling overly tight: this one doesn't. It treads the right balance between being effective while still being gentle, so I imagine that it would work well for skin that's even more sensitive/dry than mine.

The final question is whether this has overtaken Nivea's Daily Essentials Refreshing Toner (reviewed here), which has been my HG budget toner for a while now. That's a really hard question to answer without comparing the two side-by-side, but what I will say is that I can tell this one contains better ingredients and makes my skin feel softer and more supple after use, though the Nivea one costs around a quarter of the price so that's a factor too. Let's just say I love them both and I would buy this one all the time if it cost $7.95 like the Nivea one, but as it stands I may alternate them to get a balance between the budget and what does a touch more for my skin.

All in all, this is a beautiful, inexpensive toner and I can't recommend it enough. If you've seen Darphin in Mecca but have never checked out the range, I urge you to grab a few samples next time you're in-store: there's a lot to love from Darphin and I've only just scratched the surface.


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