Project Dent 2017: Makeup Geek Travel Vault (Nars, Benefit etc)


Hello all and welcome to my next Project Dent post for April!

I feel like I've overdone the Project Dent posts recently because I've written a couple of updates (plus reviews for my dented products) within the last week, but I was keen to throw this intro post in now because then I can start using this next item.

So, what I've decided to dent for the rest of April is my Makeup Geek Travel Vault.

As you can see above and below, it contains a bundle of different powders, these being:

  • Benefit's Hoola (travel-sized), top left
  • the one product I rescued from that Manna Kadar palette I didn't like (that's the champagne highlighter below Hoola) (I've done a first impressions/swatch post on the whole palette here)
  • below that is Nars Isolde (reviewed here)
  • the other Nars pan next to Hoola is the purple half of Charade (reviewed here); the plum half is currently in my Pan that Palette challenge
  • on the right we have Nars Cyprus, Nars Orgasm and Nars New York (top to bottom)

I haven't reviewed Hoola yet (it's relatively new), nor have I reviewed the Nars products on the right, but I hope to post those reviews soon. 

Briefly, I already know that I love Hoola and I can see it becoming a firm favourite. Nars Orgasm came in one of my Mecca Beauty Loop boxes and I would never have bought it because I can't handle the gold glitter and, despite being a beautiful colour, I don't wear it as a blush because it makes my cheeks look like they're wearing reflective gold helmets (making my pores look like craters at the same time) - but it does make a passable eyeshadow.

As for Nars New York and Cyprus, I prefer the formula of these singles to the formula of the Nars duos I own, but I don't reach for them much because I have other shadows I prefer.

Here's how my palette looks as of today, 13 April 2017:

As you can see, I've used all of these products but not a lot so it will be good to get some more use from them.

I should also note that the Manna Kadar powder crumbled when I depotted it (from cardboard packaging!), so it was super crumbly to start with and it's now even worse after being re-pressed. Nars New York crumbled too when I depotted it, which is unfortunate because it's one of the few Nars powders I own that I actually care about (typical!), but it still works fine - it's just that the surface looks different after being re-pressed.

I picked this palette for Project Dent for two reasons: first, we're about to head away for Easter so I wanted something that gave me options and also came with a big mirror; and second, some of these pans will be heading into Pan that Palette 2017 once I've finished off a few more pans from my Z-palette, so I'm keen to work out which ones.

Also, I would like to review the products I'm yet to review so I hope to do that at some point in April, if I have time!

That's all from me for now. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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