Gorgeous Cosmetics Base Perfect Foundation in 1Y-BP and 2N-BP - review and swatches


I wasn't going to review this foundation because the two shades I own have been discontinued (I bought them for $19.95 AUD each on sale last year), but I've decided to go ahead and review them anyway because my understanding is that the new formula is just as good as this old one, it's just that the shades have been changed.

Plus the formula is so good that I didn't want to let these pass through my collection without posting on them, particularly because foundation is something I find really hard (like many of us, I struggle to find the right formula and shade), so I thought this review might be helpful to those who have the same issue.

Gorgeous Cosmetics is one of those brands that I've only explored a little, and I do think that some of its products are over-priced: you may remember that I've reviewed a couple of highlighters and a bronzer from these guys, all of which developed hard-pan within a few uses - so even though I like how they look on the skin, I'm not sure they're worth the outlay.

This foundation is.

Gorgeous Cosmetics claims/product details:
  • Oil free and long lasting, this silky foundation blends effortlessly to deliver a flawless and perfect complexion
  • Special pigments amplify the light and diffuse blemishes, giving skin a healthy luminosity
  • Contains vitamins a and e to soothe and condition the skin
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • RRP $55 AUD for 30ml, but do shop around

I'll give you a few swatches - less for colour, because you can't buy these shades anymore - and more for finish.

Below I've swatched both shades more heavily and blended them out a little, direct sunlight (1Y-BP is on the left and 2N-BP on the right):

And in natural light (indoors):

Natural light (outdoors):


This is a really excellent foundation and I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to try it - especially because I got two bottles for less than the price of one.

The first thing to note is that I have dry, dehydrated skin and I'm 36 so things like texture (open pores in particular) and fine lines/wrinkles are an issue for me, and I generally look for bases that not only help with these things, but that also offer a natural coverage (I don't like looking too made up - it just doesn't suit me). This is why I tend to opt for tinted moisturisers and BB/CC creams, since those products usually help with hydration and generally look more natural.

This foundation is one of the few I've come across that looks like skin. Honestly, I've just put it on again before writing this review and I'm still surprised by how natural it looks, given that I haven't had much luck with foundations in the past.

I use about a pump and I normally mix it with a drop of oil because this helps sheer it out and gives me a light-to-medium coverage: I didn't do this today because I wanted to confirm how it looks on its own, and one pump has given me a medium coverage that still looks really natural, and you can build it if you prefer a full-coverage look.

What I love about this (aside from how natural it looks) is that it doesn't sit in pores and it also has a slight smoothing effect so it makes my face look more even and a little fresher. I also like that it sets so you don't need to use a setting powder if you don't want to, which is good for those of us with dry skin because powder can make you look older if you don't have the right one or if you need to apply too much to get rid of the tacky feeling that some bases leave behind.

What I don't love about this, though, is that it's not hydrating (for me) and my face does feel drier than usual today. Since this foundation is the only thing I've changed, I know that it's the problem. While this is an easy fix (you can use a nourishing primer or add a drop of oil), it's worth mentioning because the dry feeling is really the only thing I don't like about the formula.

I guess the other thing I don't like is that the old shade range was really confusing and, I felt, very limiting. I remember researching this product for hours on end to try and pick my shade, and since I'd heard they ran super dark, I chose the lightest available yellow shade (thinking it would be my winter colour) and the second-lightest shade in the neutral section (thinking it would be a good mixer) because I'd heard the yellow ones were really yellow.

I have light/medium to medium skin, and they're both too dark. Plus the yellow one is indeed too yellow (and I'm quite yellow, so I'm not sure how many people could get away with it), plus the neutral one pulls super grey/ashy on me, so I can't just add some lightening drops because the undertone is so off. Mind you, it does look as though the new shade line is less confusing/limiting than the old one, so you may find it easier to pick a shade than I did.

To get the best from this foundation, I squirt one pump of the neutral one, two pumps of the yellow one, a couple of drops of lightener AND a few drops of oil (sometimes an illuminator too!) into a little tub and then use the mix for a week. Yes that's annoying and I wouldn't be buying these shades again for that reason (if they still existed), but if I could find a good shade match in the new range, then I would definitely consider repurchasing it and just using a drop of oil each time to thin it out and add some extra hydration.

All in all, I think this is a great foundation and it's definitely worth grabbing a sample from a Gorgeous Cosmetics outlet next time you're near one. While I wouldn't say this is the best foundation I've ever used, it's damn close and I'm looking forward to exploring the new shade range.

Ticks from me.

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