16 Brand Fresh Wonder Ade - review


I bought this a while ago because I needed to boost a Mecca order to get free shipping, and I was low on facial sprays so I decided to buy this one because it's not ridiculously expensive and I wanted to try something new.

Unfortunately I don't like it at all and the only good thing about it (to me) is that the mist it sprays is very fine, so in theory at least I could keep this little bottle and refill it with other products in future, but in practice the damn pump keeps jamming so there goes that.

Hmph. Guess I'll live.

16 Brand claims/product details:
  • Instantly perk up your complexion with a few quick spritzes of this quick-drying, moisture-boosting facial mist
  • Restore radiance to dull, tired complexions with this refreshing mist
  • Absorbs instantly without feeling or looking greasy or sticky, making it great for use both under and over makeup 
  • Injected with premium oils of baobab seed, rosehip, drumstick tree and applemint to hydrate, recharge and revitalise skin
  • RRP $19 AUD for 100ml

I do like the look of the packaging: it's clean and simple but somehow striking at the same time.

I also like the shape of the bottle because even though it's a good 100ml, it's quite compact so it looks and feels smaller than it is. This makes it a good product to throw in your handbag for quick spritzes on the go.


I don't like this product at all and I've given it a 'disappointing products' tag.

It's a standard clear facial spray that looks and feels like water. It has a very slight, fresh and sweet scent that I quite like and it's not overpowering so you shouldn't be aware of it after use.

As mentioned above, I love that the nozzle dispenses a super fine mist: this is something I look for in my facial sprays because otherwise they upset my makeup. (You know when mists do that - spew out big droplets that leave 'makeup holes' on your face? I really hate that. I know I'm not the only one.)

However, this pump has been jamming from the first few uses, so I have to spritz it, wait five seconds before it decides to pop up again, then spritz it again. Bloody annoying. Particularly because I need about ten sprays to cover my face, neck and dec.

What I noticed about this product from the first use is that it's not hydrating at all: quite the reverse. It does cool the face so it feels refreshing when you apply it, but it somehow leaves my skin feeling more thirsty for moisture. Kind of like if you weren't really hungry, then someone served you an entree so you got ravenous, but they never served you a main. 

I therefore wouldn't recommend this product for dry skin (which is what I have), because if your skin feels a touch dry, then this might only make matters worse. That's what it does for me.

On top of this, I've just sprayed this on half of my face and not only does that side now feel drier, it also looks really shiny. Not a good, dewy shine: the kind that makes you look greasy. It's also emphasised texture (pores, fine lines) something chronic, and that half of my face feels really sticky to the touch. And on top of that again, it has somehow turned a very subtle highlight into a super reflective/metallic one, which wasn't the look I was going for at all.

So I guess if you like a metallic highlight or eye look, this might be a good product to use for wetting your brush or spritzing after you've applied your powder, because you can probably now see my 'subtle' highlight and eyeshadow from the moon.

It might also work well under makeup, given how sticky it is (so it might help makeup adhere to your face and make it last longer). I haven't tried it that way because I want to keep as much gunk between this product an my actual skin as I can, but that's something to keep in mind.

All in all, this just isn't for me and I don't recommend it. Maybe it might work for those who don't have dry skin or textural issues and prefer a strong makeup look, but I would definitely test it before purchase.

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