Nivea Firming Body Lotion with Q10 Plus - review


I've been using this body cream for ages now and I keep forgetting to review it, but I must because I've almost finished my bottle.

I bought it ages ago from the supermarket because it was on sale and it came in a large 400ml size, and I was sick of replenishing my body cream stores so often: I have dry skin so I tend to burn through the stuff since I apply so much each time.

Happily this one has lasted me a good while and I now find that I need to use less of it per application than I did in the beginning. More on that below.

Nivea claims/product details:
  • Voted as the ‘Best Body Treatment’ in Beautyheaven’s Best in Beauty Awards 2015
  • Developed to give women confidence and firm skin
  • Delivers noticeably firmer and more nourished skin in two weeks
  • Leaves you with beautifully smooth and supple-feeling skin
  • Developed with CoEnzyme Q10, a natural component of your skin that actively works to keep it firm
  • With our special formulation, you can enrich your skin's natural level of CoEnzyme Q10, helping to revive and strengthen its ability to remain toned and supple
  • RRP $9.99 AUD for 400ml, but do shop around


Anyone who loves beauty will know that brands often make huge promises about their products, and most of the time (at least in my experience), they never fulfill all the claims written on the box. Believe it or not, I actually think this one does: and it's a cheapie!

It's a white, lightweight cream that's definitely more like a lotion in texture and it's lighter than the creams I normally use on my dry skin. It does have a reasonably strong fragrance (it just smells like body cream to me) and the scent does linger on the skin, so I'd test this first if you're sensitive to fragrance because you mightn't like it.

It spreads well and absorbs beautifully into the skin, though it does leave a slight tacky film that I'm aware of on my hands especially for a while after application, so that's something to keep in mind.

When I started using the product, I felt that it wasn't hydrating enough for my dry skin and I needed to use seven to nine pumps to cover my whole body and keep it feeling comfortable. But after two weeks of use, something happened: suddenly I only needed four or five pumps to cover my whole body and that was definitely enough.

So what happened? Looks like the claim that this product gives you more nourished skin in two weeks is actually true! My golly, I don't quite believe it.

As for the other claims: yes it does leave your skin feeling smooth and supple; and I've also noticed a slight toning and firming effect - not as much as I've noticed the change in how dry my skin is, but enough for me to say that I agree with this claim too.

So in sum, this is a fantastic, budget body moisturiser that meets its claims and I'll definitely be buying it again. And if you wait for sales, you could grab 400ml of this for a fiver. Yay!

An excellent product.

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