Project Pan 2017 mini update #8


It's been a while since I posted a mini update for Project Pan so I'm pleased I can bring you one today.

As you can see above, I've finished off my Mecca Cosmetica Fresh Faced Hydrating Primer. I didn't hate this primer but I didn't love it either (I've reviewed it here): reason being, it's not that hydrating and my dry skin needs more than this provides, but it was quite smoothing so I didn't mind it.

There it is again:

As you can see, I've definitely finished it! And as usual I've cut the tube open to ensure I got every last bit out.

You should also be able to see in the shot above that I've marked where I was when I first brought this product into the challenge at the end of March. I'm not surprised that I've finished it because there was a little less than half left and it was only a travel-sized tube, plus I've been using it daily since then.

Worth mentioning now is that I meant to mix this with the other primer on my Project Pan list (Maybelline's Baby Skin), and while I did do that on some days, on most days I just used this because I've been testing quite a few matte foundations throughout April - and since my skin is already dry, putting a matte foundation over a mattifying, silicone-based primer just doesn't work for me. 

As for my replacement:

That's right, it's the fabled Too Faced HangoveRx Face Replenishing Primer. If you read this blog, you probably won't be surprised to see that I own this (I bought it last year but only opened it recently) because it's raved about by those with dry skin so it's one I definitely needed to try.

At the moment I'm on the fence about it because I'm not sure how hydrating it really is: it certainly looks and feels hydrating in terms of texture and finish, but I've been surprised to discover that I can't use this in place of my moisturiser because my skin feels dry if I try to roll those two steps into one. Hmmm.

The jury is still out though, so we'll see.

I've put another primer into my 2017 Project Pan challenge because I need to get through the ones I have open: I've somehow wound up with too many lately (I bought one and received three as GWPs) so I'd like to reduce my numbers.

Ideally I'll be using this one in place of my moisturiser on days when my skin isn't too dry, and I'll use the Maybelline product as my dedicated primer on days when I'm not wearing a matte foundation (which is most days because I prefer a dewy finish).

There's where I am currently: 

So you'll see above that I've got my work cut out for me because I haven't used much, but I would like to finish this within a few months because the product only has a six-month shelf life. Plus I received two hydrating primers as GWPs and I'd like to open those but want to finish this first.

That's all from me for now. It hasn't been a huge panning month for me so far but I do have a few products that are on their last legs, so I could still turn April around.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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