Pan Pan 2017 mini update #9


April has been a reasonable Project Pan month for me, and while I've only knocked out three products so far, three more will definitely be out by month's end and a couple more might even surprise me.

I would rather like to finish off more things over the next week, I must say: I'm getting to that point where I need to bring fresh products in or I'll start to get bored. In particular I want to begin working on my other foundations and tinted moisturisers, so I'm working extra hard on my Project Pan foundation this month.

Anyhoo. I've finally finished off this Davroe Straightening Balm. It never worked for me so I re-purposed it as a pre-wash treatment and I also ran it through both mine and my daughter's hair before swimming, in an effort to help protect it (not sure it actually helped ; )).

As you can see above, it's definitely empty. You'll also notice that I got through a lot more of it during April than I did in previous months: this is because I used to have other haircare items on my list that I often used in place of this one, but during April I had only this to work on in the haircare department so I was able to get through it more quickly.

There it is again:

As for my replacement product, I didn't want to bring in any more haircare but looks like I'll have to because I have a couple of things that I keep forgetting to use, and Project Pan is a good way to help me remember to use them.

The first product is this Mauli Grow Strong Hair Oil:

This came from Maslow & Co. You're meant to apply it at night and then wash it out in the morning (and it's definitely an oil that needs to be washed out and not left in), and since I don't shower in the morning because I have two young kids and my husband works - so I prefer to shower in the evening when he gets home - what I'll do is apply it as a scalp massage oil on days when I wash my hair.

There it is again:

I've now marked the bottle so we can track progress, but I can tell you that the bottle is basically full. So while it's only a small 15ml in size, I can see this lasting at least a couple of months because I only wash my dry hair every five days in winter and I don't use much per application.

That's all from me for now. I'm really looking forward to April's full update: I'm hoping to bring you more empties, so I'll be working extra hard over the next week to kick out extra products.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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