Pan that Palette 2017: mini update (I've recharged my palette!)


I can't tell you how excited I am about this post! If you've been following my Pan that Palette progress, you'll have seen me say that I was planning to refill my palette during the year - and only once, because I don't want to annoy anyone who likes to see empty pans ; ). That time has come.

A couple of days ago, I posted my full April update (see here) and mentioned that I planned to pour a few powders into one pan, with the aim of creating either the perfect bronzer or the perfect shade for my contour/brows/eyeliner (those three being around the same colour). 

I wanted to do this because, up until now, I've been mixing shades to create both my bronzer and brow/contour/liner, and I've gotten pretty sick of doing that on the daily so I felt it was time to pre-mix the perfect shade myself.

I've now done this, plus I've removed a larger pan from my palette that wasn't showing enough progress, and I've also pulled out the empty pans because they were just taking up space.

The result? I've now been able to move more powders into this palette, freeing up room in my other Z-palettes, which in turn has allowed me to depot two palettes and condense my collection. Huzzah! 

Let's have a look.

So, above is what my palette looked like in April's recent update. 

I knew I wanted to change the formula of the brown Stila pan (bottom right) and the two Stila shades on the left showing pan (the marsala and the dusty rose) because they kept forming hard-pan and it was getting annoying to use them. Since I'd had such luck when I threw four shades with similar issues into one pan last month to create my perfect bronzer shade (which managed the Stila hard-pan issues and also the pigment issues with the Nars shades), I figured I might as well do it again.

So what I did was throw the Stila shades into my bronzer pan with the remaining product from Bahama Mama, then added the dusty pink half of Nars Charade (bottom right) to lighten the mix. When that was too dark for contouring (and too cool for bronzing), I threw in the peach blush (right) and also the Lancome white shade (bottom left), both of which contain a sheen but not glitter - and when mixed with all those mattes, I don't have a shiny brow/contour colour, so don't worry ; ).

You'll see the result below (and note I've enhanced the shot for clarity).

Just look at all those new shades to play with: woot woot!

Ok, so let's walk through what I've done.

First, every pan that was in my palette is still in the palette in some shape or form - minus the large Croquis highlighter, which I've decided to remove because I wasn't getting through it fast enough and I love it anyway, so what's the rush?

Second, I've mixed the powders I've mentioned above into one pan: that's the second pan from the right (the large brown pan).

All the other Stila pans remain the same, it's just that I've had to play with the order of things to make sure I could squeeze in as many new pans as possible. The Stila pans are all those I have left from my Stila Eyes are the Window (Mind) and Stila in the Light palettes.

Here's the left side of my recharged palette:

The new shades are:

  • The other half of Nars Charade (the purple matte shade).
  • Two existing shades from my GA-DE quad (reviewed here) and a third that I mixed with an old orange/brown shadow that I'd been saving to use as paint for my daughter, because I wasn't happy with the shade as it stood.
  • The cream shade from my Stila Ombre Rouge Palette (reviewed here), because I needed a pale base colour after having finished off the ones in this palette earlier on.

Here's the right half of my recharged palette:

The new shades are:

  • That Manna Kadar highlighter that I rescued from the Day Dream palette (reviewed here) before decluttering the rest.
  • My Hot Mama blush from theBalm (reviewed here), which I haven't been using enough because I don't like the gold glitter. But it makes a nice eyeshadow and I'd like to get more use from it because it's the oldest blush I own.
  • The fourth shade from that GA-DE quad, which I mixed with an old purple shade because I didn't like it as it was.
  • The darkest shade from my Becca Ombre Nudes palette (reviewed here), which I included because I wanted a dark brown that was easier to work with than Stila's Sandstone (that's the Stila pan, far right).
  • My Ardency Inn shadows in Heaven, Disco and Rose Gold, which I haven't reviewed yet because I need to try them with different primers before coming to a final opinion.

In sum

I'm so excited about my new palette and can't wait to get stuck into it.

A few things to note:

  • For those who prefer to see plenty of empty pans in these challenges, I promise I won't change my palette again! It's just that my aim is to get through as many shadows as possible this year - or at least hit pan on them - which is why I'm working from a Z-palette and not a pre-made one.
  • In theory I could focus on either my Stila in the Light shades or my Stila (Mind) shades so I can say I've panned a whole palette, but the truth is, none of these shadows are that old and I don't have a lot of shadows so there's no point clearing out one whole palette - particularly because I don't have dupes for all of them.
  • I'll be focusing on the shadows that I don't want to keep first: these being the ones with the formulas I like the least (so Nars Charade, the drier Stila shades, the Manna Kadar highlight, the purple Lancome and So Susan shades, and the existing two shades from the GA-DE quad).
  • I'll also work on the two Becca shadows because I do have dupes for those, plus the Hot Mama blush because I'd like to remove it from my collection.

That's all from me! Do let me know if you're doing Pan that Palette this year: I'd love to track your progress.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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