Five good things: April 2017


It's autumn here now and the weather's been getting colder. That's always a shock to the system, and it's hard enough to get out of bed these days with the sleep-deprivation that comes along with having young children. The cold makes it even harder.

But it's almost the end of April, so it's time for my monthly positives. I've been sitting at the computer since 4am, wondering what the hell I can say through my exhaustion. Yes there are always positives to find if you look hard enough, but my brain is so weighed down and foggy that nothing can float to the surface with ease.

I will try.

My husband is off for a road trip this week

Yes, Mex is packing up and heading off with a friend for a few days. This is good for a few reasons. First, he'll be getting a much-needed break and he'll be free to sleep to his heart's content. Second, he's taking the dog. This is good because there will be one less 'child' in the house to care for (well, two less - if you count Mex ; )), so life here will be a touch easier for a few days

Also, my parents have agreed to look after my daughter for a night or two during this time, so it will just be me here with my son. I won't know myself! And it will be a damn sight easier to head out with a single pram (bloody hate the double pram), and to only have one child to strap into a car seat. 

So yes, a break is coming. Not a full one, but a relative one at least.

I'm off swimming duty for two weeks

Every Sunday we take my daughter swimming, which we have done since she was eight months old. We go because she loves it and because learning to swim is so important - particularly in a country like Australia, where beaches and pools are everywhere so kids should learn swimming for their own safety. I also used to teach kids swimming myself, so I perhaps feel its importance more than others might do.

But gosh, Mex and I both hate going in the water. We take it in turns, just to be fair. I like it when I'm in the pool with my daughter - it's time spent with her that I really enjoy - but oh how that chlorine plays havoc with my hair and skin. And I just can't handle the smell of it. Plus there's that walk home when you're soaked and cold and feeling all gross...

But it's Mex's turn today, and my brother has kindly offered to do swimming duty next Sunday, while Mex is away. So I'm off the hook for two weeks!

I've dodged a thyroid bullet (touch wood)

I don't like to reveal too much personal information on this blog - partly because who cares and partly because this isn't the place for that - but I don't mind telling you that I got post-partum thyrotoxicosis after my first child.

Twelve weeks after my daughter's birth, I knew something was up. I had the shakes, my chronic insomnia was worse than usual (I've been suffering from that for twelve years now), my muscles were so weak that I could barely move, and my mood was uneven. I knew it was physical. I called my doctor and asked for a blood test. I thought my iron levels might be low.

They weren't. My thyroid had gone haywire. My GP said that, in over twenty years of medical practice, she'd only seen figures that high once before. Off I went to a specialist, only to be told that you can't easily manage post-partum thyroid issues because the available medication doesn't work. All they could do was monitor it.

Long story short, while it wasn't the worst health issue in the world and I was one of the lucky ones because my body sorted it out in three months without medical intervention, it did mean extra doctor visits and blood tests every three weeks. Just what you need when you have a baby.

Anyhoo. I'd been warned that I was reasonably likely to get it again after the birth of my son - if you've had it before, your risk goes up.

I did not get it this time around. And I've now passed the six-month post-partum period when it's most likely to happen.

Thank golly. An extra thank golly because one of my blood tests was mishandled last time: the attendant hit a nerve and I was left without the full use of one arm for six weeks. Again, just what you need when you have a baby.

But enough of all that. Happy thyroid, happy me. Moving on.

Good television is returning

Like many I really hate that period around Christmas when all your favourite shows end and then take ages to return for the next season. We are coming into TV season again, and for that I am very grateful.

We've just watched season three of Broadchurch, which was thankfully a lot better than season two (I didn't think much of that one). We're also shortly to finish season four of Line of Duty, and I have to say, that show just keeps getting better. I liked it from the beginning, but this season's the best to date.

And then there's Game of Thrones. It's coming (like winter ; )). Cannot wait.

We've just met our soon-to-be neighbours, and they are not young folk who throw parties

We've been blessed with our neighbours so far: it's been one of the many good things about moving into our new house. Our neighbours on both sides have been lovely and also very quiet - a huge thing when you're up all night with kids half the time. To be up because of loud neighbours as well is just plain offensive.

Anyway. The lass on one side is moving out. We were rather worried about what kind of tenants would move in, but we had a knock on the door yesterday and it was a man with a toddler not much younger than our daughter. He introduced himself and said he was the landlord next door, and they weren't getting tenants: they were moving back in themselves.

Hurrah! Lovely neighbours with young kids! Play dates! What more can one ask for.

'Nope, no loud parties these days, that's for sure,' he joked. 'Those days are over for us.'

Yep. They're over for us, too.

In sum

That's all from me for today. I hope you found something to relate to in this post, and that you have plenty of positives of your own for April.

Speak soon x

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