April 2017 empties #2


Hello all and welcome to my second empties post for the month! While I've managed to finish some things off throughout April, it's been a slow month for me because I've introduced a lot of new products lately and have been focusing on those.

This has ended up being a good thing because it's meant that I've finally, finally been able to see the bottom of my empties bag - and I've also finally been able to bring some smaller sample items into this post, which makes me happy since they've been floating around for too long.

Anyhoo. Let's have a look.

Goodness Every Week Face Scrub x2

Full review here. I received two of these scrubs over the last six months: one from a friend and one as a GWP from a Beautorium points swap (that's via Beautyheaven.com).

Unfortunately I'm not a fan of this scrub because it doesn't contain enough scrubby matter so it doesn't do anything for my skin, but I'm pleased to say that the other Goodness products I've tried lately are better than this one so let's call it a glitch in the matrix and move on. Perhaps it would be good for those with really sensitive skin, but it does nothing for me. Purchase? No.

Sierra Bees Organic Lip Balm x2

I received an eight-pack of these as a GWP ages ago, and I finally got around to using them earlier this year. I've reviewed them here.

While I enjoy these products as dedicated lip balms, I've also been using them on my dry feet, knees and elbows: I don't have a dedicated 'treatment' balm at the moment and I would rather use what I have instead of buying something new. These come in a bundle of fun flavours and they're nice as lip balms but I almost prefer to use them elsewhere because they manage dry skin in a flash. Repurchase? Yes, partly because they're so cheap!

Adorn Mineral Matte Eyeshadow in Citrine Orange

I always hated this product as an eyeshadow because it wasn't matte and it should be (it's called matte right there in the title but it's full of gold shimmer), plus it's a lot brighter than what was depicted on the Adorn website when I bought it. Full review here.

Indeed, I was going to declutter it until I realised that it made a flattering blush so I ended up re-pressing most of it into a pan and putting it in one of my Z-palettes, then I used the rest (about a quarter) as a blush, just to remove one item from my collection. Repurchase? No. I hate it when items aren't as described/pictured and I won't buy anything from Adorn again for this reason.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

Full review here. I wound up with two of these in sub boxes and unfortunately I don't love the product because it's just not rich and hydrating enough for my dry skin, but the good news is that I can still use a drop of it to mix in with my foundation (so it spreads better), so all is not lost.

I've seen quite a few rave reviews of this product so looks like it works wonders for some people, it's just that my dry skin needs more. But it works well as a mixer product and that's how I used up my two bottles. Purchase? No.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

This is an HG product of mine and I absolutely love everything about it - the smell, the texture and how it makes my skin feel. I've reviewed it here.

It's a dry oil that's multipurpose so you can use it on your face, body, hands and hair. Who doesn't love a product that you can chuck in a bag at short notice and know that you're covered? A little goes a long way with this, although my skin does drink it up when it's dry so I went through this little travel-sized version all too quickly. Repurchase? Yes.

Tocca Giulietta EDP

I've had this for ages so I'm pleased to finally get through it: I bought it because I needed a small fragrance for my handbag and I'd always liked this scent but not enough to buy the full size.

According to the product description, it contains Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, green apple, pink tulips, lily of the valley, iris, vanilla orchid, lilac, cedarwood, musk, amber and sandalwood. It's a beautiful, fresh and fruity scent that's inoffensive and perfect for every season, and my only gripe with it was that it didn't last more than a few hours so I had to keep reapplying it.

Mind you, the bottle lasted forever so the value was still there. Repurchase? Yes, but I'd like to try another Tocca scent next time around.

Le Labo Santal 33 EDP

I received this little perfume sample when I dropped into my local Mecca one day, and I must say that I really like it! It's a unisex scent so it's not floral and sweet: to me it smells like a forest after rain and there's some fig in there too. 

I wouldn't buy it because it's quite expensive for a fragrance, but I've really been enjoying it and the lasting power is good so it's a scent I would recommend sniffing next time you're in Mecca. Purchase? No.

Tocca Emelia EDP

This came in a Mecca Beauty Loop box and I was pleased to see it because I'd been spraying myself with the stuff ever since it came out. It's one of those scents that I wouldn't normally buy but something about it just works and it lasts well so it's one I've considered purchasing - although in small size because I'd never get through a large one.

It's a fig fragrance but it's not as full-on as other fig scents I've tried and it also contains geranium, magnolia and amaryllis. What I'd hoped to learn from this sample is whether or not I want to buy myself a travel-size, and I've decided that I don't. While I do like the fragrance, it's not love for me and I'm pickier with scents than I am with most things so I'd rather wait and see if I can find something that really grabs me. Purchase? No.

Narcisco Rodriguez For Her EDT

This isn't a terrible perfume but it's not great either. My biggest issue with the Narcisco Rodriguez fragrances I've tried so far is that the lasting power isn't great, as indeed it wasn't for this product.

It's a fairly light, inoffensive scent that's a little too powdery/musky for my tastes, and it's not something I would buy because it's not interesting enough for me and I feel like I've smelled fragrances like this a hundred times before. Still, it's been good for the handbag and the sample is a decent size, so no complaints there. Purchase? No.

Zelens Transformer Instant Renewal Mask

Full review here. This came from Maslow & Co and I was expecting to love it because I've loved the Zelens products I've tried before and this one in particular is super expensive (so it should be amazing!), but unfortunately I just didn't.

It's meant to have a renewing effect and it should offer immediately visible results, but it didn't do anything for me and I've used masks costing a fraction of the price that do heaps more than this does. It's had mixed reviews, too, so I wouldn't rush out and buy this without testing it first. Purchase? No.

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14%

This was a good scrub, and while it didn't quite make my favourites list because I've used others that I prefer, it's definitely up there and it's one I recommend if you're after a scrub that treads the right balance between being gentle while still being effective. I've reviewed it here.

It contains a good amount of scrubby matter and it left my skin feeling smooth and resurfaced after use, plus the grains were quite soft (they had some 'give' to them) so I could use it more often than other, harsher scrubs. Repurchase? No, but only because I have other scrubs that I like better.

Alpha-H Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel with Wild Oregano

I've been through a few of these now: it's one of the few blemish treatments I've used that actually works. Full review here

It's a clear gel that indeed smells like oregano and it feels a little sticky when applied, but not in a bad way and it's definitely helped clear up the blemishes that I consistently get along my chin. It also helps stop new ones from forming, plus it's not super expensive so it's one to keep in mind. Repurchase? Yes.

La Mer Crème de la Mer (The Moisturising Cream)

I received two of these and I didn't like them at all unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately because the stuff is so damn expensive. It's so thick and white that it feels like you're putting barrier cream on your face (like Sudocrem for nappy rash) and for this reason it didn't feel like it absorbed and it somehow left my skin feeling dry but coated at the same time. 

It might work as an overnight mask to seal in other products - and indeed that's how I used it - but I personally wouldn't use it as my moisturiser because it doesn't sink into the skin like I need it to. Blurgh. Purchase? No.

In sum

That's all for my empties for April! I'm pleased that I've finally managed to clear out the empties box: it feels like a fresh start. The definite repurchases in this lot are the Alpha-H blemish gel and the Nuxe oil. I do like the Sierra Bees lip balms too, but everything else I can take or leave.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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