Project Dent 2017 update: Makeup Geek Travel Vault (Nars, Benefit etc)


Two weeks ago, I decided to bring my Makeup Geek Travel Vault into Project Dent 2017 (see intro post here). 

I did this because I wanted to know which powders I would be sending into Pan that Palette, and also to get some use from my Nars shadows: as you may know, Nars shadows don't work for me because they're so drying on the eye and make me look a hundred years old, and that's just the first issue. Moving on.

Indeed, this wasn't an easy round of Project Dent for me and I only really enjoyed using Benefit's Hoola, leaving me with seven other powders that I wasn't happy using (until I mixed Nars New York, that is: see below). But I got through it so I'm happy about that.

So, here's how my palette looked two weeks ago:

And here's how it looks now, after two weeks' solid use:

I've enhanced the below shot for clarity, so you can better-see progress:

You should hopefully be able to see the visible progress in all the shades above.

Benefit's Hoola (top left) I've used every day as a bronzer and/or eyeshadow. You should be able to see that the writing has worn off a little. I love this product. Mental note to review it soon!

The Manna Kadar highlighter below it I've used every day on my collarbones and sometimes as a face highlight or to brighten the inner corners of the eye. I don't love it. It's somehow grainy and crumbly/powdery at the same time. I'm throwing it into Pan that Palette: it will be easy to finish.

I've used Nars Isolde quite a bit (both sides), but my issue with this duo will always be that it ages my eye area something chronic. It's just not flattering so I can't wear it if I'm going somewhere and want to look good. The pigment is also lacking - bloody annoying because it swatches so well and the colours are gorgeous.

The purple pan next to Hoola (one half of Nars Charade): this is dry too and although I like the colour and don't have anything else quite like it, again, it doesn't look flattering on me. You should be able to see a bigger dent in this because I used it often. This is also heading for Pan that Palette.

Top right, Nars Cyprus. I quite like this shadow (I'm talking more about the colour) and I think the formula is slightly better than that of the Nars duos I own. I'll keep it for now but I'll probably pan it in future. The visible progress isn't as obvious on this one but it's definitely there.

Nars Orgasm. I'm sorry, but I don't like this blush. All that gold junk in it: if I wanted a gold blush, I'd have bought one (well, I didn't buy this - it came in a Mecca Beauty Loop box - but you know). It's a pretty colour. The glitter spoils it for me. It emphasises texture. I've been using it as an eyeshadow.

Nars New York. This was unusable (when I depotted it, it shattered so I had to re-press it). I don't know what happened during the re-pressing process, but it solidified into this hard mess and I wasn't able to pick up any colour. It wasn't hard pan - it was as though the thing had dried out like a cream eyeshadow might do. Weird. I mixed it with a few shadows I was reserving to use as paints for my daughter, and it's now usable. I'm thrilled with the result!

That's all from me. I'm pleased that this round of Project Dent is over and I'm looking forward to choosing my next product.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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